Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where do I begin?????

So, we headed to Portland for Chelsey's last soccer weekend. It was the President's Cup tournament, final weekend. If we did really well, we would be able to continue on, if we didn't, well, it was a good run. So, Nana is preparing peanut and KC before the rest of the team gets there. We are playing at PCC Rock Creek Campus, it is brand new, only been up and running for 6 months. It is beautiful a playground, two regulation size turf soccer fields, 4 full size baseball diamonds, a concession stand, nice parking, nice bathrooms. WOW! So we were ready to play...
Peanut, snagging the ball.
There apparently was a comment made by the other team that they would be doing great if not for the goalie stopping all there shots. She stopped at least 15, but I really wasn't counting! :~}
They did make one goal and we didn't, so we lost that game.

Our Motel was right downtown, across the "freeway" from the Rose Garden. The view was fantastic. We were on the 7th floor and I just loved it, we could see the river, the coliseum, the freeway, the downtown, everything. It was worth the money.

So, Sunday we played at Grant High School. Peanut was in the goal nearly all the game. She begged Coach to let her out and play some defense, as you can see she met some mud. She stopped everything. The game ended up being tied, so being a tournament we had to go to a shoot out. Ok, for the few of you that don't do much soccer, a shoot out is when a player from the other team gets to shoot at the goal. One player, one goalie. They get 5 shots on our goalie, we get 5 on their goalie. I was sitting there thinking, good, my little one isn't in the goal, so she won't have to do the shoot out. As the final whistle blew, she ran to the goalie, S, and made her change gear with her. My heart starts to beat a little bit faster and then my dear sweet mother came and stood in front of me, with her eyes closed going "oh dear". I not so nicely told her to get the heck away from me, because I wasn't going to be much of a comforter to her!!!
The first girl goes up to shoot. It is her against Peanut. She kicks, low and to the side, ... goal!
Switch, our girl against their goalie. Shoot..... she misses.
Next girl for them, Peanut blocks the shot. OH YEAH!
Next girl for us...we get goal!
Next girl for them...blocked shot!
Next girl for them...we get goal!!
Next girl for them...BLOCKED !!!!!
We win the game : ~ }
They tried really hard to put Peanut on their shoulders, but instead, they run to the sideline. Nice way to finish the season. And such a proud mother :~}

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a nail biter...but a great way to end the season.