Monday, April 28, 2008

New Beginnings

This last weekend I went out of town. I mentioned it in my last post. I went to an event in support of a long time friend of mine with Breast Cancer. The event was a benefit, in her honor, to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. It seems, according to Dr. Devon Webster a leading research doctor in the field of Breast Cancer at the Oregon Health and Sciences University that Oregon has the highest incidence of Breast Cancer. There is approximately 3000 people who will be diagnosed each year in Oregon each year. With an estimation of 520 people per year dying of Breast Cancer, that is 10 people per week. What can we do? We can support Breast Cancer Research. There is a new foundation in honor of my friend, the Treva Hoffman Foundation for Cancer Research and Patient Assistance. They are raising money to fund a project for a cryotherapy bank at OHSU. In this the researchers can use the tumor tissue to find out why we in Oregon have such a high rate of Breast Cancer and what we can do to save our future generations. Wow, how exciting. To be on the forefront of technology. In honor of Treva, I vow to do my part.
Treva LaRoque Hoffman

Fighting the fight to save her life from Breast Cancer and its Metastasis throughout her body.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taking things for granted

Today I am heading out of town.
I am going to spend some time with a friend I grew up with.
Sometimes we take life for granted and this friend has taught me that it isn't always what it seems.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. Fought the good fight and won. She was preparing to have reconstruction surgery a few months ago to replace that which was lost to cancer. Instead of going in for surgery she went in for a compression fracture of her lower back. Just in time to find that the cancer had spread to her bones. She is now fighting her next fight. We are going to a concert in her honor in The Dalles, Oregon. I am looking forward to seeing her and showing her support, but looking at life as oh so short. Praying that I take each moment God gives me and use it for HIS good, not my own.
Will see you soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lynsey's volleyball

This was Lynsey serving at the last tournament. Her last tourney with this team was the first weekend in April. They were playing as a U18 team, because when the season started, back in January, there were two Juniors on the team who were fast approaching 18. Well, midway through the season those two left and we were joined by some younger players. Once you start in a division you can't changed midseason. So we played 18U the entire season and we finished middle of the road. Not bad for a group of 6 freshman and 3 sophmores. Her team going to California is again going to be U18, but she will be the only freshman on the team. That will be fun!

Chelsey catching

This would be Chelsey during a game. She has been catching for about 4 games now. She seems to like it.
She does an awesome job. They do this play, when there is a runner on first and third and the runner from 1st tries to steal second, they make a modified throw to the second baseman, who plays up close to the pitcher's mound and when the runner advances from third, they throw her out at home. She did it the first time and got the runner out!! If that isn't absolutely fabulous, I am not sure what is!!

By your request

Here is the desk, she picked it out from a picture in the Pier 1 catalog and Jeff built it according to the dimensions of the picture. He did an awesome job.
Here is the birdhouse,

Here is the headboard,

Ok, here is the front door. I know, it is sideways, but I couldn't figure out how to turn it rightside up.

Getting Started

Well, I have ventured into the world of blogging. My most wonderful friend, adopted little sister Christy in Longview, Texas has an awesome way of communicating with her blog. So, I thought I would give it a try as well.
I am not well verbosed or do I have much experience in the writing realm. So I am hoping that my blog is merely visited by Christy, and family members. We will see how this goes.

My girls Lynsey, 15 and Chelsey, 12 are the pride of my life. They are such good girls. Lynsey is a freshman in high school. She plays volleyball for the high school, as well as the Club Volleyball team. We will be heading to California in June for this next adventure. She is also driving with her Learner's permit. That is quite the excitement each time we get in the car.
She is quite good for the most part.
Chelsey is the softball player. She currently has started catching. This is a new position for her. She has played softball for several years now, but she has never been a catcher. She is also pitching occasionally. My friend and coworker, Natalie, her daughter is our star pitcher~Maile. She is a year older than Chelsey and she does really well.

My husband Jeff is busy as always. He just received a big air compressor for his birthday so he is enjoying his hobby of crafting a whole lot more. He just built this beautiful birdhouse, just for fun. He spent a week replanting and relandscaping our front yard. He also just put in a new front door for me. He built Chelsey a desk she saw at Pier 1, Lynsey a new headboard for her bed and anything else that he sees in his mind to do.
He is pretty awesome. I am one lucky loved lady.

well, for now that is the beginning of my blogging. We will see where it goes from here.