Saturday, September 27, 2008


Lynsey all ready to go... Lynsey and her Mommy

Lynsey and her mommy again....
Chels and Lyns
Kelly and Lyns

soccer saturday

Chelsey had some soccer today.
She played goalie for over 1/2 the game.
Here, she jumped and the ball went between her legs rather than up like she anticipated.
Her disappointment....
Being aggressive again...she never stops...she loves the game.
We did score first, we played Sherwood. They were the team we played a couple of weekends ago when I posted with pics of Aunt Jan and Brandie. The Sherwood team beat us, up there by a score of 4-0, so today's game was very encouraging. We play again tomorrow.
Tonight I will post some pics of Lyns getting ready for homecoming, because the dance is tonight. She is currently playing in Sheldon at a VB tourney, they are playing in the championship game against N. Medford.
I will comment on that as well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

So last night....

...we headed to Sheldon for some volleyball. Lynsey's team was playing at 5:45 pm, so Nana, little Bit, and I headed north. I had recently got reacquainted with some of my "old" friends, old only meaning length of time....really *wink*. So I let them know we were coming their direction and they met us at the volleyball game. Too cool!! Here is Kim and I, we are trying to decide what kind of face to make for the camera and Bugg is snapping away!!!! This lovely little peanut here is Mya, she is Kaci and Roy's one and only!
This is Kaci, not really wanting me to take her picture.
Did you gather that by looking at the photo??

Ok, so here we are...we really got it together this time.
My hair looks wild, but that is what I get when it is PINK!!

That is a~whole~nother story...we won't go into right now. Needless to say it was awfully fun to be there with my friends. I had told Kimmy that I really miss that, hanging out with my friends. I can't tell you the last time I just plain ol' hung out with some girly friends. I guess that is one thing I really need to work on, cause when us girls look at the Mom's, we get kinda jealous of their wonderful friendships~those they have had for YEARS.

Ok, so the JV team won their match, we finally got to watch some real volleyball, as in their was something to watch. But, unfortunately, the varsity team lost. But really now, it is ok, because Oregon State Beavers beat the USC Trojans. Can you believe that?? How awesome is that?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See you at....

...the pole. An event for all school age children; all over the country to meet at the flag pole of their school and pray~~ for their school, their friends, their country, and their leaders. Well, my little girl decided she was going to make it happen. She put up a poster at school last week, printed off some flyers and planned to have her mom pick up some donuts on the way to school. WOW, how exciting. We headed out this morning, headed to the store to get some donuts; while there Chelsey was sharing her concern that maybe, just maybe she would be the only one there. Everyone she had talked with had an excuse, too early, can't get a ride, etc. I said, you know what honey, even if no one comes, you are honoring the Lord by what you are doing. You never know, maybe people you don't even know will show up. So she got a little hopeful...but still concerned. When we arrived, just a little early, she kept wondering if any one would come. Just minutes before 7 a couple of young ladies came up to the flag pole. I nudged Chels and asked the girls if they were there for "SEE YOU AT THE POLE", "Yea" one of them eagerly answered. So I sent Chels to the pole to get started. A group of about 6-8 young men walked up with scripture sheets to read. My little heart began to swell. I asked Chels if I could run to work now, as I was already 20 minutes late. She said sure and blew kisses my way. She later told me, that after I left one of the adult school helpers showed up that had encouraged Chels to participate. She also brought some goodies. Chels mentioned that people continued to gather up until the time of school. I was so proud of her. She told me tonight, you know Mom, you were right, people I didn't even know showed up and that is pretty cool!
I think it is pretty cool that she did it. She brought tears to my eyes!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just a call...

The weekend was busy. Filled with fun and consuming things. Soccer game, hair cut, hair color, shopping, babysitting, youth pastor activities, etc.
But today, all that really mattered....was a phone call from a friend. My sweet little friend called just to "check on things". It meant so much to me. I need to remember that feeling, so that I can do it for someone else.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight the house is quiet. A couple of hours ago, you couldn't have said that. We hosted the parents of the youth tonight. You see we have a Youth Pastor Candidate here, visiting, checking us out, us checking him out; you know, that sort of thing. Well, every youth parent was invited to bring a pizza and come and meet Kyle. We had a mere handful of adults. It was surprising who didn't come! Anyway, he ate with us and then Pastor Steve made him sit in front of a large circle of us and answer "any" questions we had. He did a really fine job. It will be interesting to see how God answers these prayers.
I did have some answers to prayer today. I asked for good weather. Most of you know that my home is not on the large side, so hosting a bunch of parents is pretty brave, considering they would all have to be OUTSIDE, because there is NO ROOM in my house! Well, thank you Lord for the nice weather. Then, I was to provide drinks, well not really knowing how many to expect I was feverishly trying to find my drink pitchers to make lemonade and ice tea and stuff like that...well, I am asking Jeff, "where did all our pitchers go???" We found one, and the ice tea pot, so two. Then here comes Pastor Kelly, she was getting the girls to entertain them while we had the parents here, in her hot little hands are two brand new Rubbermaid pitchers!!! I said, "Did you hear me asking where my pitchers were or what??" How about that for a God thing! Too cool.
Anyway, Jeff who has had a really bad time at work lately was itching, and I mean ITCHING to leave for hunting vacation; decided once all the parents were gone, that he would really, REALLY like to head up to camp. His friends are there already, but I had asked him to stay and meet "Kyle" because he wouldn't have any other chance to meet him. So I say to Jeff, I know you are really wanting to leave, so if you need to go, it is OK with me.
So, no sooner had I breathed the last syllable and in to change he went. Pack up his coolers and a quick kiss goodbye. "Tell the girls I love them" and off into the darkness he drove.
Now, what on earth am I doing with all this quiet?? Catching up on all my blogging friends. I miss them.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

how fitting...

Last night was the second night of my class, Bible Study Fellowship. We are studying the life of Moses. So we really haven't gotten very far, only the second week, but it is funny how timely God is. He really cracks me up sometimes. The first week of study was about God's plan, His timing, and how even in the midst of some really weird circumstances, He still reigns.
WOW, how fitting is that? How could I forget it? Well, I forget that on a regular basis I think. I have had a lot of comments at work about how quiet I have been lately. Well, I guess I was having my own doubts and trials about where exactly God has been in the last couple months of my life. But, you know what. I realized, He is right here. He may be silent, but He is right here. I have begun to laugh again and those people at work are starting to notice. Hopefully, I will be good and give God the credit for my joy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soccer weekend...

`Well, we got to go to Portland for some soccer this weekend and visit with our family, Jeff's side. This is Aunt Jan, she is preparing herself for surgery this Thursday. She is doing great and very positive. This is Brandie and Lyns, they were making brownies for dessert.
This is Braden and Chelsey lickin' the bowl.
They found this little spot that made the adults a little nervous. You see at the end of their deck, the peak of the garage roof starts and the girls thought this was a really cool spot. So then little Masyn thought it would be a good idea to sit there herself. She got up there with cousin Jeff and then decided to come in and ask her Mom if it was ok to get on the roof if the girls "promised to watch" her. I found it quite amusing that Jeff admitted they were already on there before Masyn asked permission.
Chelsey played Goalie today. She also played goalie in yesterdays game. Yesterday we played in Lake Oswego, we won 1-0. Today we played in Sherwood, we lost 0-4. It was turf and we aren't exactly used to turf. The ball speed is quite different. It was good for us though. We always learn from interesting games. Chels was bummed, she didn't think they played too well, but it was HOT! We are all a little redder and wishing for the fall to start.
I am going to upload some more of the pictures to Picasa, so hopefully you can view them there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The adventure...

Yesterday, I had that wonderful appointment that every woman dreads. But I couldn't figure out why exactly it was so bad. I didn't seem to mind.
It was that dreaded Mammogram. I went for the first time yesterday. I was scheduled for my screening. It was a difficult decision for my health care provider to make, she said that insurance companies are not wanting to pay for mammograms before age 40 now. So, since I turned 35, she has been saying, " no let's wait". Well, after seeing her this year and letting her know how things in my life were going, she decided that a screening might be a good idea. I was scheduled for a month. So I had lots of time to think about it. I tried to not mention it to anyone, not because of shame or fear, but because I didn't really want to hear anyone's "horror" story. So I prepared myself to go, late afternoon appointment. I was met by a familiar face, my friend Ricci, who goes to church with me and also attends my Bible Study Fellowship. She brought me back to the changing room and told me what to do. She met me at the door and took me to the exam room. Stand right here, do this, relax that, snap.... snap....done.
It was that easy! I recommend this for any and every one!! Get your screening done.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

the weekend

This is from Thursday, we were at Marshfield High school for some volleyball. Bugg's team started at 5:45, so we headed out around 3:30, stopping to get Nana on the way. She had to go to Granddad's memorial service earlier in the day so she was already off work. We had a good trip over, Little Bit, (aka Peanut) Nana, and me. There were only a handful of fans from the Roseburg area there, but we were loud enough to bring on some cheerin'. The JV won, pretty nicely I might add. Bugg got to "swing" for Varsity again and she actually went in to the 4th game. She really didn't do much, but she was in the game.
This is from Saturday. The Varsity team had an invite at Roseburg, they invited the JV to have an even 16 teams. They played really well. They were playing varsity teams and they made some of the teams work really hard. It is good for these girls to have that kind of experience. They started playing at 9 am. We watched 3 matches and then Little Bit and I headed over to Stewart Park softball fields for A.S.A. fast pitch tryouts. She has a birthday after the cutoff, so they had a bit of a discussion as to what team she needed to tryout on, the 12u or the 14u. Well, we showed up for the 14u because this here Mom thought that by the time the season started she would be 13 so she should be on the 14u team. After much discussion, they had her tryout, but come back today for the 12u time slot. She went there while Bugg and I headed over to the Band Shell for our Church Service. Yep, we had Church in the Park. The sun was shining, the river running, the leaves swaying, it was beautiful. All God's marvelous creation in one small place. Then we picnicked, barbecue style, and then headed home. Little bit and I got so warm at the park we jumped ourselves into the pool and cleaned it out when we got home. How about that!!
It was a good few days. Filled with busyness that the girls always generate, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today I found out that Mom lost her friend Paulus in the wee hours of the morning. But she and Paulus' husband are glad that she is finally resting peacefully.

The girls both had school today. Chels says, "yea, it was great", hugely sarcastic. I hate being the little sister. All my teachers said you must be Lynsey's little sister. She really didn't like that.

Lynsey had class with someone we didn't want her to have class with. She also saw a whole bunch of people she missed. So that is very good! She will have a better year. I hope. Please pray that she loses interest in that small minded boy. thanks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today was one of those days that I can't quite decide how I want to feel. I went to work, did my job like I am supposed to, headed out early. Lynsey phoned to let me know that she found out from Papa that Nana had been up all night with her friend Paulus. I phoned Mom to see what was up, then headed over to Paulus'. Paulus has Metastatic Breast Cancer, it is in her brain. They didn't expect her to make it through the night. Well, she did. She is a strong one. I decided to stay with her because the aide had been up all night with her. I got to take care of her for a few hours and chat with her friends. IT is pretty hard though because Mom has known Paulus since they were grade schoolers. I had to leave Paulus to head to the high school because it was Lyns' first volleyball game. She played great, I was a proud mom. She was then invited to sit the bench with the varsity. Well, she got to warm up with them and act like she was a teammate and all, but she didn't get any playing time herself. Anyway, that was pretty exciting. So the emotions went from sadness, to great pride. It is just kind of weird how days go like that. Tomorrow is another day, for some of us. Just pray for mom and her friend Paulus, that Paulus will rest peacefully and go quickly.

Monday, September 1, 2008


So the girls and I spent Saturday getting the necessary school supplies and a few essential clothing items. I also had to get Jeff a new phone. Chels and I were alone, Lyns was babysitting, so she and I had a nice dinner at Los Dos. Just the two of us. It was a nice treat. She had been gone for a week at camp, so it was nice to just be with her. That was our Saturday.
Monday, the holiday, proves to be a little busier. Lyns has driving for Driver's ed. They both have practice in the evening. But neither one of them starts to school until Wednesday. Must be nice being an upper classmen and all :~}. Have a great labor day.


Today was a lazy day. Went to church. Pastor Steve did an awesome job on his first Sunday as the head master. The girls and I headed home. Bugg did some cleaning up around the house and Chels doodled in her room. Nana and Papa came to get Chels, Lyns and I took naps....Jeff came home from work. We, Lyns and I, headed out to Nana's late in the afternoon to pick up Chels, realizing that we hadn't any early plans we decided to play DOMINOES. We started at 15 and went all the way to blank. I don't remember ever making it the entire way. It was really fun. We haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.
Just some plain fun.