Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talking to the School Board

Tonight, the JoLane Student Council presented their going green cafeteria presentation to the Roseburg School Board. There goal was to inform them of what they have done, how they have succeeded and their hope to make it District wide. The boys, were there in support, but they didn't get to say anything. *wink*

"T" and "C"

Miss "R", Peanut, Miss "E", and Miss "J" on the computer.

They did a really nice job. Their presentation is smooth and clearly defined. They were not as encouraging as Peanut thought that they should be, but I told her I thought it was well received.
Very proud of them!! :~)

PIE night 2010

Each year the JoLane Teachers and Staff present the students with awards for Excellence and Citizenship. They are awarded for their grades, no truancy, no tardy, good behavior, etc. The choir sang a couple of songs at the beginning and then the award portion of the show. So I snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Peanut looks evil in this shot, but she really is not, it is the way my camera captured her eyes.

Peanut went home from softball practice and got ready because she had to sing, but our friend, "C" did not get to go home first :~).

This is a bunch of the girls that Peanut is friends with and one of the mom's was getting them all together for a picture. What a great idea!! :~)

Peanut and "C", we have her in so many of our shots, she is in the plays with Peanut as well.

Miss "K" with Peanut

Mr. "A" and Peanut. They are so sweet together. He is the sweetest boy :~)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Double Date....

This month has been Healthcare Worker appreciation and Nurse's day and such like that. So, I had been given a gift card for $20 to our local bowling center and another employee gave me theirs because he said he would never use it. So I gave them to the girls. They grabbed their fellas and headed off to Ten Down for an afternoon of bowling. Their dad and I went to Real Deals and driving around the county and to dinner. When we got home from dinner, the 4 of them were watching "Avatar" on the sofa. So I snapped a few pictures, just for fun. Here they are, my sweet girls and their fellas.

A and Peanut
Bugg and Dribbler, couldn't get him to smile and keep his eyes open!
Oh well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prom Pictures from Dulce...

On Saturday May 15th Bugg and Dribbler, headed out to the Prom. It was their first one. We had the hair done and the nails done and the make up done, we did it all. I thought it was so much fun! I know it wasn't even me! But, they headed to the park, Stewart Park, where a friend was taking pictures. This is the gal that has asked Bugg to be a Senior Rep for her, we were interviewing for that on Monday following, so Bugg had to introduce herself to Dulce. She did and these are the photos that Dulce did. Enjoy! Cause I think they are fabulous, but I might be a little prejudice. :~)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Without the braces....

here is a before....taken last August on her way to Costa Rica
after...taken 5.13.10

Had a splendid day. I was able to have the day off, our schedule is pretty light some days, so I spent the day with Hubs, getting bark mulch and hauling a lawn mower for a friend. I then headed to Jo Lane to pick up Peanut. Today was the much anticipated day of brace removal, if she had been good and used her rubber bands like she was supposed to. She so desperately did NOT want to get her hopes up, but he had a hard time not being excited. When she walked in, the receptionist greeted her with , "hey, it's your big day!" Hard not to get too excited now! Then, the assistant called her back and said, "hey, it's your big day!". Well, they need to check in with the Doctor to see if she really can get them off. He says, Do you think they need to come off? Of course she says YES!! So he says, OK. You can have them off. After getting the brackets off, she got the glue drilled off and her teeth smoothed out. She got up to brush and she says, "are these really my teeth?" One of the girls thought that was the funniest thing she had ever heard!! Then she was getting her permanent wire placed and I was trying to take pictures with her new phone. That wasn't quite so smooth. I had brought the camera, all charged up and ready, til I turned it on and it had a blaring message, "no memory card". I couldn't believe it. So my best option was trying to take pictures with her new phone. Well, there is one or two on her phone. As she was nearing completion, they took a mold of her upper teeth for her retainer, in walks Bugg and two of Bugg's friends. So Peanut is sitting in the chair, drooling all over her napkin and closing her eyes so as not to cry or throw up and in walks an audience!! She was a trooper. She kept a stiff upper lip and charged on. We were visiting and having so much fun, Dr. Varner comes in the room and says, "hey, she's done! You can go now!! " Guess the party was over. Good job Peanut.

Mother's Day 2010

Me and my girls.
They started out the morning by coming to my room and bringing me the bouquet of flowers, the card and the CD. I have this new liking to John Mayer, I know mushy love songs! So they filled me up and loved on me. They were so great. They told me they had more, but it would have to wait. So I headed out to my car after we got ready for Church. In the car were newly placed seat covers, pink butterflies. You know what butterflies mean to me, and that they are pink! There was a steering wheel cover and CD holder to match. It was pretty special. It told me that my girls really do listen to what I say.

Here is my sweet baby girls. We all met at church, Mom and Sis and Bro in law and the niece and nephew. Papa came after church and we all headed to Breakfast. We exchanged presents there, Mom got both Sis and I a present and Sis got me one! I did give her a picture of Mom and I :~) So we took pictures out side before we all took it easy the rest of the day.
I am truly thankful for my mother. She is a friend to me as well as my Mom. She has taught me so much and helped me be a better person. I am thankful for my mom.

3rd Annual Strike Out Breast Cancer

Our 3rd Annual Strike Out Breast Cancer event on Saturday May 8th was a huge success.
I am so proud of our Board for putting together such a great "party". I have heard nothing but positive comments from all in attendance. Bowling and prizes and raffles and food, there is nothing better than that. Mile Post 8 was the band that played in the Splitz Bar and Grill after bowling was over and everyone was completely happy with their sound.
The Foundation is doing so well right now. We raised money which was what we really wanted to do, but behind the scenes work is taking off. We are finalizing agreements between the Legacy Health Team and the Foundation so that we can begin with the first Co-operative Tumor Bank of the Northwest. We have purchased a freezer through donations from the Lion's Clubs of Douglas County and ORegon Surgery Center. We have the support of the local surgeons and most any community member we can talk to supports the idea. It just makes sense. Let's not throw precious tissue away, let's send it to a Research Facility to CURE the Cancer!!
I will keep you all updated as we move along. But for more info on how we are doing, check out the website, for more info.
For my interview with KPIC, go to and click on Spotlight on Douglas County and the Breast cancer link. The interview was a little crazy, I was excited, and I messed up our name, but you get the idea.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Into the Woods

Peanut has been working for months on a play for school. This is the third year she has participated in the school play and she loves it. Each year, she gets a little bigger part.
Her voice has developed so well and I love to hear her sing. She has become quite the actress and I am so proud of her. Her role in this years play is the Baker's Wife. Her goal is to have a baby. She must do what the evil witch asks of her and her husband to acquire this baby.
A cow that is milky white, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a gold slipper.
So here are SEVERAL pictures from the production. Enjoy.

The step Mother, Cinderella, the step sisters

Little Red Riding hood.

Jack and The White Cow

The evil witch

Cinderella's Mother as a tree....(she had passed away)

The wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Our friends, the trees, hiding the Baker

listening in on the Baker's instructions from the Witch while in the woods


at Grandmother's house, after cutting Grandmother and Little Red Riding hood from the wolf's tummy.

Asking for the slipper

lost the white cow.....

got the hair!! :~)

just finished fighting

The baby....
The finale

I do believe the time that I laughed the hardest was when Peanut came out with her belly and Jeff leans over to me and says, "I didn't need to see that!"
They did a great job. Very proud of them.
I will not be able to attend tonight though, because I am heading to the Strike Out Breast Cancer event at Ten Down.
post play....

friends after the play....