Sunday, July 26, 2009

The weekend...

Today was a pretty good day. The girls and I got ready and headed to church this morning. After church, we had a little family get together because the girls are both going to be gone this week. Nana and Papa had to come say goodbye and so did Uncle Kenny. After saying "bye~bye" to Buggy, we had a little barbecue. After that we went swimming, which was much needed on a hot day like today. After swimming, I headed to the grocery store with Peanut, because she and I are leaving tomorrow for Western Nationals *for softball* in Milwaukie. When I came home from the store, Buddy our younger dog was out in the driveway and Peanut and I were looking around to make sure he didn't get under the rig. In so doing, I ran over Tisha, our older dog. To hear that squeal from her was horrendous. I screamed to Peanut to go get her dad and I ran for Tisha. She made it to the garage, but her leg was badly cut and she wasn't moving it or putting weight on it. I kept screaming for Peanut to get Jeff, I didn't know what to do, but hold her and tell her I was sorry. Jeff came out and he looked her over with me, we were able to clean up her leg and bandage it. Jeff then decided to cut the doggie door bigger so Tisha could get out. Our siding doesn't look that nice right now, but anything for the doggie. I feel so badly. It is devastating. I am praying that this isn't the thing that puts her over the edge. She is 15 years old and she is getting tired, hard of hearing, blindish, and a little on the slow side. So please pray for my doggie, we love her so much.

Saturday night was the "faster Pastor" event at the Douglas County Speedway. It was a fun time. I really have never been to the races, I know, I have lived here how long and haven't been? But, it was exceptionally rewarding. While watching the pastor's race, the first heat, one car flipped upside down, the second heat; one car left the race early, and the third heat, was our great Pastor Jon *aka sermonnutter* he tried to take out the car next to him! Woo Hoo!

Friday night was the social night for my 20th class reunion. It was at Splitz *aka Ten Down Bowling*. It was a lot of fun. I didn't choose to go to the event on Saturday night, but what fun!!

I will look forward to my next one.

These are some of my friends, Kelli~Cherie~Brandon

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Pool Play...

After soccer practice tonight, yes, I did say soccer. She has started another sport! She brought home one of her friends*our friend* KC. We love her. Anyway, perfect day for pool play with the girls. They have a blast together and with each other. No drama, no heartache, just good times!


Peanut with her *two* life jackets

head butt

Fun times....

Gotcha...the view of them from the hammock

My view from the hammock!

Peanut and her one life jacket

While they were swimming, I was doing my toes :~)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pool Play

Last night, I missed going to the gym because of timing issues with Hubs, so I picked Peanut up from practice and brought her home. It was a hot evening and her dad and Uncle Ken were going swimming, so she went as well. Bugg is fighting a cold, who would have thunk after all those antibiotics that she would get a cold, but she has one, nonetheless. I couldn't swim because I have stitches, from just a little minor thing, no big deal. Here are some pics of the boys and Peanut.
Playing Silent Marco Polo....Hubs eyes are closed and he is going for Ken!
Peanut got away again!

Ken....counting underwater!

Taking a swim break...
"hiding" from Kenny....
They have a great time in the pool. Wish we used it more.


I just realized I didn't post anything about Graffitti weekend. I can't believe it! Anyway, Jeff and I headed downtown, just the two of us. The girls were out with friends, going to arrive whenever they wanted to. So while we walked the streets, I took some pictures of my favorites.

This is just a cool old car.
love the color of this one...

Thought this one was really fun.

This had some nice painting.

Lookin' good, reminds me of GREASE! :~)

The paint colors...
The first older purple one I fell in love with.
cool colors...
Another one with cool paint job.

Love it!
a purple pickup!

Really nice car!
lil' pink's license plate said something like "lil pig"

Peanut and Cowgirl in one of their old cars cruisin the strip....

Second time around, cowgirl's brother and girlfriend are in the front.
Jeff and I decided to go after this, we had been there a couple of hours and he was done watching the cars. I could watch people and the cars for quite a while and not get bored, but you know. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last night I was sound asleep, and I hear Hubs mutter...."are you OK?"

Not entirely sure who or what he is talking to, I stir and say, "yea". Only to hear the sobs of my eldest daughter, "mommy, it hurts! I don't know what to do." I awaken a little more and say, "what honey?"

"My back," sobs, "my back". "It just hurts!"

"did you take anything?"

"Yes, Mom, and it hasn't done anything!"

I get out of bed, try to assess the situation, through her murmurings and her cries. Her back about the kidney area is really hurting her. She is holding it, rubbing it, sobbing, standing, sitting, moving about. She just can't get comfy. She cries for a few more minutes and she tells me she has already had her muscle relaxer and tried to stretch. She had been working on it for 30 minutes. It woke her up.

Off to the Emergency Room we go. I pulled on some sweats, she in her shorts and t-shirt with a blanket wrapped around her. The check in gal says, fill this out, it'll be a minute. Bugg can't stand still, she can't sit down, she is crying...."mom, I can't wait!"

Our little friend Laura is a nurse and she happens to be on duty. She quickly calls Bugg's name, although Bugg thought it was an eternity! Miss Laura gets her to a room and tries to assess the situation herself. Bugg calms slightly and explains things to our nurse. Laura asks her, "can you give me a urine sample?" Bugg looks at me and says, "what?" That was funny!

She complies and her vital signs are a little out of whack. The doctor comes in and assesses her, orders blood work, an IV, and a CT scan. They all happen rather quickly and efficiently. The only thing that seemed to take a while was waiting for the CT results. She was medicated with some heavy duty Narcotics, I thought would surely put her out cold, nope! She just started jabbering. She must be related to me! She became a little more settled and her pain was easing up. She got a second dose of the meds while awaiting the scan results. She was then able to rest a little. It was closing in on about 6:30 am when the results came in and no stones, no masses, no appendicitis! YEA! IV antibiotics ordered and on our way home. I was watching cartoons by this time, anything to pass the time. We got the antibiotics, the discharge instructions, and some meds for home, off we went. She held onto my shoulder as we headed out to the car, should have opted for the wheelchair, she nearly threw up in my rig! Home we arrived, I carried her piggy back this time! To bed she went. Hubs and Peanut were getting up and ready for church. I really wanted to go, I had been looking forward to being there after being gone so much, but I really didn't want to fall asleep on Pastor Jon's first sermon! So to bed I went as well.

She is feeling better, the Kidneys are hanging in there. She is trying to drink a lot, but is so sleepy that drinking is secondary. Eating is even further down on the list. Visits from Papa and Nana and Uncle Ken all helped the day go by. She is awaiting a visit from her boy and I am certain that will make her better :~).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just some babble...

So, we have been gone for most of the summer weekends. It is our life right now. It is busy, but it is fun. I am such a social person, I really enjoy the camaraderie with the other family's when we are traveling. My parents and my sister try to come as often as aloud and that makes it enjoyable as well. Last weekend was the 4th of July weekend. We were going to be split up for the first time in our 20 years together. Peanut and I headed to Portland, Milwaukee, for the State softball tournament. We rode up with some friends from the team. Reggie, plays with Peanut and her little sister is adorable and her parents are a lot of fun, so the trip up was great.
We played at noon and won the game. It was Friday and my sister and Carley met us there. There was some confusion as to where we were playing so it was a little bit of an adventure, but fun nonetheless. We weren't to play now until Saturday morning. One of the other moms birthday was Friday, so Sis and I, Peanut, Carley and Meg and Abby all headed out to the "Spaghetti Factory" for a Birthday dinner. Then we headed to the mall, we spent a very long time in Barnes and Noble!! Then we lost interest it was getting late and we all had been up since early morning. Back to the motel, to the hot tub!
Saturday was a long day. We started out by losing our first game, so we had to play back to back to stay in the tourney. The girls were doing well. They had some fun times and it was hot. Peanut pulled a muscle in her thigh in one of the many games that afternoon, she wouldn't come out of the game or give up on playing. She was determined, so she would wear ice packs when they were batting, tape and wrap on her thigh, under her sliding shorts, work through it when she was running the bases. We ended up losing about 7 something that evening. We headed back to the motel for the girls to change and headed to Chili's~Peanut's favorite place to eat. Nana and Papa had made it up on Friday night late, so they were with us on Saturday. We spent the night and took our time heading home on Sunday. We were so exhausted Saturday, we had the motel curtains open to watch the fireworks and we fell asleep watching them!
Here are some pics....

Peanut, with her shades on~this was a brand new field~~turf!
Me and Carley~

Bunting~this is her specialty, because she runs so fast!~

go girl!
on first~
go Peanut!
This week has been a little busy. Work is crazy, some people don't really want to be there, but they don't want anyone else to be there either! Weird, but anyway. The girls are enjoying being the social girls that they are. It is graffiti weekend, Bugg is babysitting, then going to catch up with her boy. Peanut is heading to her friend Cailey's. They are going to party up at the house, then ride in one of the cars during the cruise tonight. It is fun. I am excited for them to be doing so much. It is just weird to not be doing it with them. New phases of life. I love being a mom, each phase is a new adventure. Where is it going to take us this time?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Split again

This weekend will be another first for our family. Peanut has a tourney in Milwaukie. Hubs has to work this weekend. Bugg wants to be with her "friend". I get to be off, they decided to close our facility in honor of the "4th". So I get to be with Peanut. She has a game at noon. Nana and Papa are going to come, but they both have to work, so they will come later. Peanut and I get to ride up with another girl's family from the team. My sister and her little girly are meeting us at the game. It should be fun for those of us that are there. But, the part about the first for our family is that Hubs and I haven't spent a 4th apart in the last 20 years. It seems kind of strange that we won't be together.

Peanut and I just got out of the pool. It was very refreshing. I am driving the burban and it still doesn't have air conditioning, so when I got off at nearly 5 and headed to pick up Peanut from practice, it was a little warm in the rig. I think it is hitting 90 degrees today. WOWzers! So the pool definitely felt good.

Well, enough from me. I wish each of you a delightful weekend. I hope you celebrate together as a family and safely! We will talk to you next week!!