Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Luiz Thanksgiving....

A few years ago, in front of the Christmas tree we took a picture like this. I had the absolute most horrible look on my face and Miss Cay, decided to put the pic on display, so we made a new one tonight.
Bugg, Peanut, Me, Michelle, Cay, Grandma, Jeff, Eric, Joe, Kaylee
Grandma always has to have a picture of her and the boys....

They really wanted to lift their shirts for her but she wasn't so game.

Bugg loves her Uncle

My folks came with us, I am proud to say. I asked for a pic and Mom says again??? So daddy is actually pushing her away!! :~{

She loves to cuddle with her boys when she comes around.

Peanut doesn't like smiling for the camera, but her daddy made her.

Cay, Dorothy and Bugg. Cay was actually saying she needed to wash her hands, but you know.

Joe got to talking politics with Nana. He is pretty funny. He is drinking his Shannon Ridge wine, as well as wearing the sweatshirt.

I had no idea that Nansi Jayne was standing behind Cay and I, so I say to Dorothy, who took the picture, "did you get Cay in it, cause it sure looked like you were pointing it at me." Well, then I knew why. Nansi Jayne is Cay's Mom.

I told the girls they needed to get with Grandma, cause they all had the same curly hair :~}

Erie loo is trying to barbecue the ham and the turkey and this is what Daddy and Jeff are doing!!! Nice huh??

Me and Dorothy hammin' it up.

Bugg and Chelle posing with their cool drink bottles.
So that was just a glimpse of our day. We really had a great time. We are glad that we got to spend the day with family.
Happy Thanksgiving.
1. My husband
2. My Jesus
3. My girls
4. My parents
5. My sister
6. My in laws
7. My friends
8. My home
9. My Church
10. My career
those are just some of the things I am thankful for....

Joe with his nieces, they took him in to town and then went back and got him. That is how the evening ended. Pretty funny huh??


Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I missed you all today!

Mommy Lion said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed yourself! Wow, how Joey has grown up! I don't think we would have recognized him on the street. *wink*
Who's Dorothy? Thanks for sharing. I'm so thankful for great friends like you!