Friday, October 30, 2009


We got up to the sounds of people getting ready. We had stayed another night at Hubs Aunt's house and the girls were getting ready for school. Up we got for coffee and showers. We packed our bags and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandpa spends his time in bed. He is weak and tired and hangs out in the bed. He isn't able to get up because he is so weak. There is a chair that sits by his bed so anyone can sit a spell and visit with him while he is awake. He will call out for something to eat like ice cream or pudding. He still has an incredibly funny sense of humor and to see him giggle is priceless. He was visiting with Hubs and I asked if I could kiss his forehead, he pauses and says, "No, I have poison oak"
Hubs is cracking up and nearly falls off the chair!
Grandpa likes to tease me.
Hubs had good times with grandpa over the last few days. Saying goodbye was incredibly difficult. Hubs kept telling grandpa he loved him and he just wouldn't say it back.
The uncertainty of his future is incredibly tough for us, we know not where his heart is.
But, we know that Hubs gave him all he needs to know to be certain.
As we left, tears fell from our eyes. I was rather surprised at my emotional state, but as I looked at my husband and saw the pain in his face, it tore my heart. What an incredibly difficult time as we drove away.
Our trip together was good. Hubs and I spent a lot of time talking and getting reacquainted as we have been so busy with the girls we could forget who we are.
We stopped at Cave Junction at Taylor's. It is hubs favorite place to stop. I think it is a Luiz family tradition, because any time any of the family goes through, they stop there. It is the Portuguese in them I guess.
We came home to Bugg waiting on the porch, headed out to her volleyball game. Papa on his way with Peanut, from basketball practice.
We got Peanut ready and headed to the high school, for volleyball and for a choir concert!
Thankfully, they were both at the same place.
Here are just two pictures from the evening. But, the girls are great. I am so proud!
Bugg~the Junior Varsity team won the conference.
She played in the varsity game as well and they are in 2nd place. A play off game will be on Wednesday.
Peanut in advanced choir. They sang some original songs by a local musical composer about dust bunnies and socks, but oh well.
It was entertaining.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Right Now

Right now the hubs and I are sitting at his aunt's house in California. This aunt is only a couple of years older than hubs and they get along tremendously. She is a fabulous cook as well; so she is teaching me many things about cooking. I am enjoying this immensely. We are here in California to visit with Grandpa. In June, while we were on vacation, Grandpa Joe was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Lung Cancer. They told him he had weeks to months. Well, here it is months later and he is hanging on. He chose not to do chemo or radiation, it was unnecessary. So Hospice comes in twice a month to check on him, because that is all Grandpa would allow. The kids have set days they stay with Grandpa and Grandma, most of them live here. There is one that is in Portland and one that is unknown. The unknown would be hubs' dad. Anyway, the kids rotate shifts of taking care of grandpa. He hasn't been able to get out of bed for a couple of weeks now. He is just too weak. He sleeps a lot and eats ice cream and rice pudding and jello pudding. He sips some water, visits with the family a little and then sleeps some more. His mood was a little off today. He was good yesterday and better this evening. But, this is a rather challenging time for this family. They are a good family and rally together well. It is impressive to watch them work and care for Grandpa. He doesn't let me do anything for him, so I watch from a distance, make my observations and share them with the family when they ask. Hubs has had some really good time alone with Grandpa and that has been special to him.

The girls are home, they are staying with my dear dear friend. Bugg had her "poster night" volleyball game tonight. She said she had fun! She told me that her wrist was sore from signing her name so many times :~). Peanut was there to watch. Nana and Papa are being big helps in getting them to and fro and keeping them supported.

God is here with Hubs and I, we know it. We just pray that Grandpa would welcome the arms of Jesus and not close Him out. I will write again soon.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homecoming 2009

After a day of volleyball at North Medford high school, inwhich the jv team took the first place prize, a hurried trip home and quickly getting ready. This is what we got. Shane's sister Riley came with them, they had a great time. Enjoy the pictures.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Volleyball 10.1.09

Last night our volleyball team played Sheldon. Sheldon is always a great team to play. They are so athletic, so competetive and such a great team it is worth the time to watch, every time.
This is the JV team getting ready to start. Bugg is the second from the right.

Our youngest fan last night, was 3 month old Maddie Jo. She thought she would hang with Nana. I had her for a little bit, but I get so excited, I think I scared her. Imagine that??!!
Her Nanie Sherri is by Nana.

Bugg in position

Bugg Serving


Team meeting
The Varsity team played 3 out of 5 with the Sheldon players taking the win with 3 games to 1.
It was an intense fun rival. The games were close and they made it awfully fun to watch.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just a couple things from this week

I wish I had a photo shop element so that I could fix this picture, but the reason for it is Hubs beard, not me. So, please look at his beard. He returned home from his hunting expedition on Sunday evening. He had a great time, no meat, but a great time. He is ready to do it again. Not really looking forward to heading back to work. He took Monday off so he could regroup and I was getting ready for work, so we took this picture, before he shaved. Oh well, now I look different without my glasses rather than with my glasses.

Tuesday night, Bugg played during the JV game against South Medford.

Then, she got to play game 3 of the varsity game as well.

Heading up for a block, I am always delayed on my camera, maybe one of these days I will do better. :~)