Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just some thoughts

I had a really lousy day on Monday. It was one of those days where no matter what you do, it doesn't go right. Even though some of it was completely out of my control, I took ownership of it, which was probably my first mistake. During the craziness of the morning when equipment was failing and staff made a big boo-boo (not to the detriment of the patient, I promise) I realized I had not taken my pills over the weekend. You see, some of you may not know this, but oh well. I have been on meds for depression since the fall of 2000, when the hospital closed and all sorts of other things were going on. I was angry at first. I thought that maybe I wasn't as close to God as I should be or that I was failing somewhere and that was why I had to take these things. I too, tried to tell myself, "maybe for only a season", this too shall pass. Well, here it is nearly 9 years later and I am still on them. They have gotten me through some pretty rough times. I tried to wean myself a couple of times, that didn't work so well. So, back to this week, I had taken my pills Monday morning, but missing those two over the weekend, had dropped me enough to definitely impact my response to the things that were happening around me. I then became angry! I was angry that I really do need them. I was angry that I felt so depressed, then I got more depressed because I realized I needed them. Oh such a vicious cycle. I have prayed my way out of this the last few days and God is good, He is raising me back up. I just wish I wouldn't forget, because then I get frustrated and then angry and then depressed and it is hard to climb out. But, here I am! I am on my way up and out of the darkness. Can't imagine if I have to go through something really terrible how I would manage. Oh well, can't worry about that, it might make me mad, then you know what happens! *smile*

Peanut is at her DRESS REHEARSAL for her school play entitled "grease". Yep, that same one that I would sing over and over and over again while I was growing up! They adapted it for school, I think that means that maybe there is a little less suggestiveness, we'll see. My neighbor is loaning me her recorder so I can record it. Should be fun. Look for pics soon.

P.S. I only shared these thoughts because I needed to get them off my chest, not so that ANY of you will feel BADLY for me. SO DON'T! *wink*
love ya

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

March for Babies

This morning Bugg and I got up and went to Stewart Park for a walk for March of Dimes. My friend Maegn from work, was heading up the "team". We didn't see her when the walk was starting, so Bugg and I headed off. It was a great walk for a great cause. Now she is creating a new look to her room. FIrst she is rearranging everything and she would really like to go for the Vintage look, but in Black and White. It is going to be lovely. It is fun to see her becoming a lovely young lady.
What a treasure!

soccer scrapbooking...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game Night, Singing, Softball and Volleyball....

On Friday Night, Peanut and I had a fundraiser scheduled this night. It was a game night at the school. At the school we had some wii's set up, some PS 2's and dance dance, some food, cake walk. The idea was to get a bunch of the students to come, pay to play (hence the fundraiser) and win some cool prizes. Well, we had a nice time, but we really didn't make any money. A couple of us mom's were thinking that maybe we could do a rock band/air band competition next time, maybe that would fetch us some more bucks.

On Saturday, Peanut had her Solo Ensemble. It is a singing event where the students go and perform in front of some Adjudicator's. I don't know if I spelled that right??? After performing, they are given "instruction" and "encouragement" from these judges. Last year was her first year. The one guy was an absolute jerk. I was totally displeased with him. He went on about her appearance instead of her singing. So this year, she dressed up really nice and guess who got to be her "judge", yep, that same guy. Oh man! He did compliment her appearance, but the girl two people before her, had on jeans and t-shirt. Last year, Peanut had worn a pair of trouser Capri pants with a top and nice sweater and he told her she didn't look professional. He didn't mention that to the other girl in jeans :~(. Anyway, here is a video of her singing. She has had that bad cough and cold all week and was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to sing. I thought she did great. She is pretty quiet, but you get a small sampling.

After her performance we went home and ate lunch. Bugg and I headed out to the baseball field to watch the dribbler play baseball. The sun was out, warm and breezy, beautiful day. I got fried! Bad idea! He played well, they won both games. After that we headed home to get ready for a trip to Corvallis for Volleyball. The car was loaded and off we headed to the hotel for the evening. We brought Dribbler with us and met up with his mom and sister at the restaurant for dinner. We had a great time. The waiter was hitting on J, but he took it well, almost a little too well.

On Sunday, we went to the OSU campus and she was scheduled to play at the Truax building, which is the Indoor Practice 8 am. She had to be there at 7:30. The building was chilly, but there was a coffee stand and other goodies to keep us busy. We did well in our morning play, we won all our matches. We were delayed in the afternoon by an hour and a half to begin our bracket play. We finally started that, we won the first match. Waited to play the next match, then we went on the court and the sun was beginning to set. The girls were starting to be affected by the inability to see the ball in relation to the sun's setting. They pulled out the first game 25-23. We started the second game and were 9 points ahead when the sun was directly in the eyes of the girls on the court. The opposing team took advantage of that and served several balls directly into the sun and our girls flat couldn't see the ball. It was terrible. One dad on the opposing team was rambling on about that is the way things happen and blah blah blah, but we know, had it have been his girl with the sun in their eyes, he would have been preaching a different story. We ended up losing that game, 25-20. Match 3 we won 15-7. Then I overheard some of the girls in the bathroom saying "Roseburg doesn't deserve to be in the championship game". Out of the stall I walked with my "roseburg volleyball" t-shirt on and flashed my chest to them, with a nice little smirk on my face. Yea, we lost to you because we couldn't see the ball, that means we don't deserve to be in the championship game! So, we went on to play the final match against Mt. Hood. They are a good team, we haven't had to meet up with them this year, the other teams, we had, but not them. So we fought point for point for quite some time, then we lost game one 25-23. Game 2 started out much the same as the first, but then it seemed our spirits were sinking, we got behind. Then we got a little spirit back and we got close, but finally succumbed, 25-21. It was a long day, we finished playing that match after 8 pm. The girls were exhausted. But they had a great time. Next month we go back to OSU for another tourney, this time Mother's Day weekend. IT should be fun, less stress, more fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Weather....

Today....when I awoke this morning, it was snowing. I want to remind you that it is April. It is nearly tax day. I went to run some errands, well, one really, when I left my driveway, it was sun shining. When I got to the stop light, it was raining. When I got to the next light, it was hailing. When I got to the store, it was drizzling.
When I came out of the store, it was sun/drizzle.
What is this? I got home, the sun was kind of shining, so I planted some seeds. We will see how that transpires. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...He is Risen!

We had a truly blessed day. The girls were excited to dress up and we were ready for church.
We weren't early and we had to sit in the overflow area, that probably was the most trying thing all day. So, here's a few pictures of us all dressed up. After church I fixed a big ham dinner, had mom and dad over and we played some cards. Til Bugg left to see her boy and Nana and Papa went home. Hope your day was truly blessed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Today marked J's 43rd birthday. He had to work today, so we tried to create a little fun for him this afternoon. We had gone shopping yesterday so the presents were wrapped and waiting.
The cake was the purchase of the day...he wanted chocolate with Vanilla ice cream.
So, that is what he got.

Bugg is a maker of these tie blankets, I got mine quite some time ago, I think a year ago Christmas. Peanut had gotten one from her girlfriend, Bugg had one from her cousin and one from Puddles, so Daddy would remark that he was the only one without one!
This is a camo one! I know, it was absolutely amazing. Those of you who know Bugg, knows she cannot stand Camo and she doesn't even like to look at it. But, she actually went to the fabric store and picked this out all by her self! He loved it.

He had asked for a GPS for K** bought him one. It will benefit the both of them :~).

One of the presents from Peanut....a grill mat. He asked where the stainless barbecue was to go with it, but funds were limited....

Opening the rest of the presents. Nana and Papa were the only ones who could make it to the "party" tonight. J's brother and sis-in-law were unable to come because our sweet niece broke her leg while playing softball this week. She had a trip to Eugene for surgery to put in plates and screws for her spiral fractures of both bones of her lower leg. Poor thing! She isn't moving around alot yet, as you would expect. K** was busy....can't remember, so it was just us.

One of the gifts from Peanut....

Peanut and Daddy....

I tried to put the candles in the shape of a 4 and a 3, because we didn't have enough to make it.

We are singing..."Happy Birthday to you..."

blow it out!
It was a nice little party. I think he really enjoyed all his gifts and the cake and ice cream!
Happy Birthday Jeff!

the Silent Saturday

We just experienced Good Friday. What a day. It began with me calling to check on family in the South to be sure the turbulent weather hadn't caused them any dismay, only to hear that not only were they kept safe in the storm, but that they were able to celebrate Good Friday as a family. You see, those wonderful people of the Bible Belt consider Good Friday to be a HOLYday and therefore, they didn't have to work. How blessed is that? I got to go to work after a wonderful conversation with my Little Lion. I was blessed in my day at work because I got to meet someone who was going through a terrible season in her life, bringing her to my place of work. Yet, in this season she was rejoicing in God as her Savior. I found out that I had a little connection with this wonderful lady. She had read my blog! She is friends with some of my friends, so we are now "friends". Anyway, it was a really cool "God thing" that I was able to participate in her care and be able to pray for her and her family during this season of their life.

The girls and I spent the afternoon shopping for J's birthday. Today is his birthday. It is fun because he just never knows what to expect from us. Sometimes, we just don't know what to expect from ourselves either!!

Last evening while Bugg was babysitting, Peanut, Puddles and I headed to the church and met up with Nana for an AWESOME time with the KUYASA KIDS children's choir from South Africa.
They have been brought from some terrible lives into the hope and saving Grace of Jesus through this singing group. They were so amazing, I bought the CD/DVD because it was just so cool. They touched me in huge ways. I too found out something incredibly funny, like weird....when it is a presentation at church the front rows are filled to capacity, when it is regular Sunday activities, the front rows are the last to be filled. I found myself in the back row and I absolutely didn't like it. I am a front few rows kinda girl! That will teach me to not be early on performance days!

Today is a Silent Saturday, when the people of Jesus' day were weeping and mourning His death.
They didn't know that tomorrow would be a day that no person would go without hearing about.
So for them, it was a Silent Saturday. I read Beth Moore's blog this morning...the LPM blog on the right column there for my Mommas reading this...and she so beautifully described how she had to serve over her friends funeral on Thursday. But her words to describe what this HOLY weekend is all about are truly heart warming. I hope you take a couple of minutes and click over to her blog, it will be worth your time.

I will post more later after we celebrate the old man's day. I hope he will enjoy his gifts, because we enjoyed getting them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Traveling weekend...

Friday afternoon, we got off early and headed out of town. We needed to go to Portland for Bugg's volleyball tournament. We had contacted Jeff's cousin and she was willing to take us in. We always have such a great time with them. So, Jeff wanted to get going early, so we could have time for visiting before getting up and out early to the volleyball courts.
They live in a beautiful home, overlooking the valley beneath them. You need to keep them in your prayers because Brian lost his job, due to this great economy we are in. He has been with the company for over 13 years. Anyway, this is what we woke up to....

These are the views off their back deck. There home has these wall of windows which make the view that much more enjoyable.

We took Dribbler, who is, need a new Baseball nickname for him...
He and Peanut got up on the not pulled out bleachers and made some views from there.

Do you remember the days of Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey and the rest of those great b-ballers? I do, that is when I watched basketball. Anyway, this is Jerome Kersey! His daughter plays on one of the Portland teams and he is a supporter. Kind of cool if you ask me! :~)

Another shot, I had to get a couple. He decided to get up as I was snapping this one.

Bugg, smashing the ball as she does so well..

Tourney over...the girls took first. Which moved them up an entire division, which they deserved. This was just too sweet to watch and Peanut and I were following behind, so we snapped a photo.

Bugg snapped this shot on the way home, the sun was so beautiful and she does such a nice job with the pictures. This is just one of the many she took.
Hope you enjoyed the brief blog of the weekend.
We went to church today, then with the weather so nice, we played outside. I weeded, Jeff did some bar b q ing and cleaned up some stuff, Bugg cleaned out "her" car and washed it and Peanut had her friend over. It was a nice day. I ended it with a walk with my girlfriend.
Hope your weekend treated you well.