Thursday, November 27, 2008

Playing catch up again....

So, last Sunday, after church Bugg has volleyball tryouts for club, Peanut has to clean her room, hubs is hunting. Mom calls while getting ready to pick up Bugg from tryouts and says, "Daddy needs your help, the water heater is leaking." OK, I need to get the girls and we will head out.
I get Bugg, go home for Peanut and Mom's presents, you see, it is her birthday on Monday and I am due to be at work til 8 pm. Out we go.
The closet had been flooded, all the stuff moved out and Daddy was trying to get the heater to drain. The drain valve wasn't cooperating, it was plastic and his hose was metal, so they didn't like each other. So, to keep Nana busy, we had her open her presents with the girls.
This is a picture that Bugg took when it was all over, but anyway.
Nana, opening her presents. She is very excited, she got additional pieces of her new dishware, that she always wanted. Martha Stewart I can do without, but it makes the Nana happy.

This too, makes the Nana happy. She used to pay Sis and I to do this to her. She has always loved having someone walk on her back.

This is me and Papa, in the closet, trying to make the drain work, but the shop vac is actually working harder than the drain!

Hubs was called and he and Kenny came to the rescue. While Papa and Hubs were in buying a new water heater, Kenny and I took the old one out. This picture is actually after Kenny tried to knock me off the step with the water heater in tow!!!
So, that is how our Sunday went.
Monday, turned out to be not so bad. I didn't have to stay at work til 8 pm, only 6pm. Tuesday, Peanut had a basketball game in Myrtle Creek. We drove the spot we knew and there was no longer a gym there, so we had to drive around and find the BRAND NEW gym and our friend Michelle.
Peanut played really well, she got 3 of her 5 free throws and made another couple of baskets. It was quite the physical game. At one point our coach called for a "timeout" and the referee said, "thank you". It was pretty funny.
Wednesday, we headed to the movie, all 4 of us. We went to see Fireproof. We arrived at Harvard Cinema in plenty of time for the 6:05 start, for them to tell us that it was moved to the other cinema, and it started at 5:40! Sorry, you missed it. By the time we got to the other cinema it was far to late to catch the movie and it wasn't showing again that night. So we all went to see Madagascar 2, it was kind of fun to go as a family. We all laughed and ate popcorn together. It was a special evening. Still bummed about Fireproof, but I have til Tuesday.
Now, it is Thanksgiving Day. I am catching up with emails, reading other blogs, yada yada yada. I also am cooking a turkey. Taking it to the bro-in-law. Mother-in-law, youngest brother-in-law are in town and we are having the dinner at the in-laws. Still cooking a turkey. Don't mind though, hubs is working, girls are sleeping. Nice quiet morning. Will be fun. Mom and Dad are going to come over and eat with us as well. Should be a good day.
Hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Most of all, I hope that you can count off 10 things you are thankful for, before the day is done.

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Cheryl said...

Those look like some good times.

Happy Thanksgiving!