Friday, November 14, 2008

play-ing bas-ket-ball~~~

My sweet peanut had two games this week. On Wednesday and on Thursday. Her mother couldn't make it to either game, but her Daddy was able to make it on Thursday, so.....he took some pictures for me. Papa was the hero on Wednesday and was able to pick up Bugg and take her to Peanut's game and then brought them both home!
Yes, her leg is still wrapped from the soccer incident. The bump is finally almost gone and the bruising is nearly invisible now. So we are improving. Last tourney this weekend, heading to Portland in the morning. Staying with the team and my sis and my parents are heading to the games as well. Looks to be a fun time.


Cheryl said...

Have a great weekend. I am sure you are ready for one season to end since she has already started another.

Mommy Lion said...

Can't wait to hear how the weekend went! You guys are always on the go! I don't think you could handle it any other way! *wink* love ya