Monday, January 18, 2010

Seminar, Meeting, Volleyball

On Saturday Hubs, Bugg and Puddles headed to Eugene, early in the am for a day of volleyball. Bugg was playing and I was not able to go. We weren't sure what time she would be done and I had big plans for the evening. I received texts through out the day to tell me how they were doing. Peanut was with friends. I cleaned the house up and decided to do some shopping for a little girl who has a birthday coming up. I headed home and got myself ready for the big night. I have been planning this evening for months! We were having a seminar at Melrose Vineyards with the Medical Community and the Lion's club for the Foundation. We were having Dr. Kate come from Portland for some sharing of what we are trying to do with Tumor Banking. We got there around 5 ish and everything was in great order. The Vineyard was in charge of all the decorations and the food and we just needed a projector and a screen. The people were to start coming at 6 and the dinner was to be served at 6:30. Dr. Kate would speak and she had brought along one of her researchers to speak as well. Well, to our surprise Treva's doctor came to be with Dr. Kate as well. So we were able to hear from Dr. Webster as well. Currently, Dr Webster is in a wheelchair. She is dealing with a flare up of her MS. She has also battled two kinds of breast cancer herself. The evening was a HUGE success if I say so myself. We had all kinds of positive feedback. After finishing up at the Vineyard, Tina, Kelly, Deb and I headed to Applebees to celebrate our good week.

On Sunday, Nana and Papa came to the house to meet Hubs and Bugg and head back to Eugene for another day of volleyball. I took Peanut to church and went to pick up Kelly. We were meeting with Dr. Kate and her staff before they headed back to Portland. After the meeting, I headed home and Peanut had already arrived. She was sleeping. She was supposed to have softball practice at 1:30. So I dropped her off and headed to the grocery store for my weekly shopping. While on the way, Peanut called to tell me that I had taken her an hour late to practice. *OOPS* So I picked her up after only one hour (as opposed to the two she was supposed to be there) and headed home. Hubs and Bugg were on their way as well, because they had won the first two matches and lost the last one. We all enjoyed an evening at home, watching movies and being together.

This morning Nana and Papa arrived and we headed out of the house around 6 to go back to Eugene for more Volleyball. They won their first match, we watched the 16 team play and then we lost our second match. We were done then, but had to ref the following match. The family headed out to Gateway. We went to the Roadhouse Steak house or something like that, where you throw your peanuts on the ground. I have a problem with that, so I was piling up my shells on the table and then into a little plate and Nana takes my plate and throws my shells on the ground! I said, "hey, I didn't want to do that!" She promptly tells me that I am supposed to do this! So, there went my shells. We then walked over to Kohl's, Peanut had a sweater from Christmas to exchange, and we did our business and home we headed. That was our 3 day weekend.

Hope that each of you had a splendid weekend, I will keep you updated on the Tumor Banking!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Party :::::::

Peanut is quite the ham. She had a group of friends over last night to celebrate her birthday. She had so much fun. They played games, ate, they watched a movie, ate, opened presents, ate, played outside, ate!! Overall theme....they ate :~)
The group....She said it had to be in the kitchen because it was the brightest room!

Austin, the lone male, a strong one at that :~)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chelsey~ 14~

January 4th, Peanut is 14!
Holy Smokes, I cannot believe my baby girl is that old. What happened to all this time?
I am certain that I am not getting any older, so how can my kids?
Bugg promised her little sister that she could open her present first thing in the morning. So, before I went to work and before they headed back to school from the break, Peanut got up to open her present. Now, mind you, if I looked like this when I first got up in the morning I could go any where :~).

Puddles and Bugg went shopping for these fine specimens the other day. Puddles was questioning Bugg's sanity, but Bugg was certain that this is exactly what Peanut wanted.
Here they are! These shoes....I said, "how fun". Then I, in my quiet little way said, "they are hideous!" I sadly burst her little bubble. I did not mean to! I am so glad that they are exactly what she wanted and that her big siSTARS got them for her. *eye roll here*

The meal plan was Spaghetti, that is Peanut's favorite. Just before snapping this picture all 3 of them were busily doing something, and then they look like they are just talking. But even Bugg was helping with dinner :~).

The cake all aglow!

The wish and the blowout

After singing, they quickly headed back to see what they missed of the Fiesta Bowl.

Mom cutting the cake

Dad holding the ice cream....

One of the presents from us, under armor and
sweat pants... can you tell she is an athlete?

and a sports bag.....

a special look for her sister...
while opening the first gift from the Johnson's
package number 2 from the Johnson's

An entire outfit was in this box! I tell you, those Johnson's spoil these girls ;~).
I believe she had a very nice birthday. She seemed to be very happy.
She also got some cards and some money, which of course makes any teenage girl happy.
Happy Birthday my Peanut, here is to many more.

Friday, January 1, 2010

In Reflection...

I have thought about what I wanted to write as a close to 2009, but for some reason all the words elude me. The year was not easy, emotionally mostly. God is still trying to show me things.

The year started with much pain and struggles as I watched my girl emerge from her dark pit. I lost friendships over her choices and my ignorance, I lost faith in myself and my ability to protect the most precious gift given to me. I dealt with police more than I ever wanted to and learned lessons on being a "good" parent. I felt the pain of loneliness, clinging only to my family because I didn't feel I could trust any one else. The experience is one I hope to never have to repeat. I don't want to be a "stupid" mom, who thinks her daughter couldn't or wouldn't be doing those things, I want to be the mom that knows my child is just as capable of making wrong choices as I am. We are not perfect, we love the God who is.

Our other little one grew so much in her summer trip to Costa Rica, she went away a little girl and came home a young lady. Her experiences were never to be repeated and some stay hidden in her heart, but she is a great little girl who has so much left to give.

My husband and I have isolated ourselves from nearly everyone and that is not easy for me. I am such a social being that not "being" with people has been extremely daunting for me. But I feel that I am in a place that I am supposed to be right now and God will bring us out in HIS time.

The girls have been our everything, maybe that is part of our problem too. We need to remember our Creator and serve Him with everything we have. Then everything else will fall into place.

This last few months have seen great strides in our Foundations efforts to bring the first cooperative tumor bank to Oregon. We are so close to making it happen. I look forward to the next several months as we help change the face of cancer research.

May you be blessed by the God of the Universe, may you see HIS face in the midst of your pain and know that through out all things, HE is the one we must answer to.

I am looking forward to 2010 with my eyes lifted high and my heart filled with JOY.