Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another soccer weekend...

We headed up to Oregon City yesterday mid morning. It was the girls and our friends E and KC.
We headed right to the fields, the drive there was effortless, traffic wasn't too bad. Once we arrived at the field, there was no one there. Just our team and not all of them. So one of the parents heads around the block to see if there is something close by that looks more like a soccer field, with people on the field. He found it a couple of blocks down the road. It was still part of the school, but as far away as they could make it. We dropped the girls off and headed to get some gas, because my tank was on "E" for the last couple miles. (don't tell my dad, that makes him crazy!) The girls were fired up and playing well. I left my camera in the car! It was awesome, they had some moments of kicking the ball in a direction that really wasn't conducive to getting a goal, but it was fun anyway.
We left the field and headed for some food. We conveniently were located next to the outlet mall in Woodburn to spend the night. But, thankfully for the pocketbook, we got there a little later in the evening and we didn't have that much TIME to spend there. :~)
We got up early and headed out for McMinneville. We looked like we were headed somewhere entirely in the outback, but we arrived, safe and sound and on time. But, we desperately needed some coffee, so we headed through downtown to get some brew. Back to the fields we went.
Here the girls are putting pressure on the goal, they didn't get in on this shot.
Peanut and her new "goalie gloves". I told her yesterday that she looked like Minnie Mouse. She had tried to give me the "thumbs up" sign and wasn't really able to do so!! :~). It was funny.

Kicking it out....

The spectators.....

Dana was cold, so we layered her up.

the girls were on the move....

KC and Peanut

fun times at Corvallis for lunch!! :~)
It was a great weekend.

We won today 3-0! It was great. The only negative, was one of our girls got hit by the ball and had to come off the field. Two of us parents are nurses, one is a paramedic and the rest are well, parents with experience. So we all were able to handle her with ease. They took her too the doctor and they think it is a bad sprain, they don't think it is broken. We told her, it's OK, it is her wrist and she can still play with a broken wrist ~smile~. She did say "thanks" later :~).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Week

This week has been busy. On Friday, we were preparing for the Strike Out Breast Cancer event. Bugg was out and about with her friend. Peanut was at the football game, after her soccer practice. So between running her those places, I was helping the girls get ready for the event. On Saturday, our day was full with the Event and preparations. Bugg was with the youth group paint balling and Peanut was helping with Special Olympics. The rest of the day was spent at Ten Down. The event was beautiful as you could see from the pictures. I believe it was a success because of what information was given. We may not have had all the volume of people but, I believe we have made a difference by who is now informed. On Sunday we spoke with a couple of doctors at the Community Cancer Center and the Director of the CCC as well. We had some great conversations and super support. We are moving in the right direction. I actually had a patient today mention that she wished she could be participating in tumor banking! Anyway, Monday the girls both had activities, Tuesday the girls were sports minded. Peanut was attending the game at her school and hanging out with friends. Bugg was playing volleyball in Marshfield. I got Bugg's car from the Dunes and brought it back in to the High School, picked up Nana and headed to Marshfield. Bugg played in both JV games and did a fantastic job. She didn't play in varsity, but the last two points of the match. We drove home and dropped Nana off, dropped off Bugg, picked up Peanut and headed home. Today, the girls had early release from school. I worked a little later and then they were running errands. Peanut has practice, I have a small group to lead and Bugg is going to be the Chauffeur. Tomorrow is more Volleyball. We will see how things go from there. Heard from Hubs today, he says no animal yet, but it is hot over there in Eastern Oregon. Hopefully when he comes home, he will come home with meat.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Saturday Night, we held an event for the Treva Hoffman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. This is a sampling of the night. It was amazing!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Volleyball Wednesday

Bugg's team had a game against Douglas tonight. It was for fun, non league. The first picture is a baby I found there and stole from the mother. Peanut is holding him. His name is Eli.

The next pictures are of course of Bugg.....
Bugg during the second game. She got to play middle. During the 3rd game she was playing right side. She had some nice serves and she had this awesome Kill in this game pictured above.

Bugg warming up before the games. If you look right at the back of her head, that is her boy, Dribbler watching the warm up. Thought that was funny that I got them both!!
OK, so the baby. He is the son of a gal whose sister played on the California team with Bugg.
He was born 6 weeks ago. At the Jamboree/tourney thing he hung out with me in the hot gym. They tease me that I can find a baby anywhere!! :~)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Volleyball 09

Bugg was in game 3 of the varsity game. She was playing 'right side', rather than middle blocker. This is her and the Middle going up for the block.
To end the match Bugg had a great Kill for the game winning point. We were so proud :~).
This is her after she did a great set for the outside hitter!!

This is Bugg playing the 2nd game of the JV match. She had just had a kill and of course I am seconds late with my camera!! One of these days :~)

Serving....because she is awesome and I love her and am so proud of her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Over the weekend

So I am trying to remember what happened on Friday night. I am sure that whatever it was, it was surely fun!! :~)
Saturday Morning Chairman and I headed for the "Ramble for Recovery" walk and health fair. Our Foundation was invited to make an appearance and we gladly accepted. We talked to some fun people (and some funny people). We had a good time together and made some great connections.

After I left the park, I headed to the High School. Bugg was having an invite with 16 teams. They had done well while I was not there and when I arrived the team continued to play well
Bugg played some and when she did, she played great. I am so proud of her.
The team ended up winning the championship.

After we came home I made a bunch of phone calls to remind my peoples about their duties for our Church wide Kick off event at Stewart Park.

On Sunday, I headed to the Park for our "30 Days to Live" kick off event. The setting was beautiful. The music was already playing and the atmosphere was great. We welcomed people, regulars, visitors, new children. It was great. I love greeting people. Seeing people smile and enjoy the start of their day is a blessing. The services were great, our pastor rode in on a motorcycle! It went from there. We had a HUGE picnic that everyone was invited for. They had games for the kids and good fellowshipping for the adults. A great time had by all.

Bugg and I headed out to the store for a last minute "outfit" for her pictures for today. We heard from Peanut, they were playing soccer at Eagle Crest. Her team had tied 2-2. She went with some friends on the team.

In the interim, I had heard that my Daddy wasn't feeling too well and I told Mom to take him to the Urgent Care. A few hours later and home from the Emergency Dept at St. Charles in Bend, he was feeling better. Drugged, but better.

Today I spoke with Daddy and he is still having some pain, but the meds are helping and he is on REST duty for now. Good, he needs that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought I would share about our day yesterday. My work day was short, Peanut was back in school. I did some grocery shopping after work and waited for Hubs to get home. I am teaching myself how to play the piano, so I did that for a little while as well. But, anyway on to story telling.

We (Peanut, Hubs and I) loaded up the 'burban and headed to the volleyball match in Ashland.
We had to stop for gas, then at the High School and move Bugg's car from the motel, (where she parks everyday) to the high school parking lot. Then finally got moving down I-5. I have been without the air conditioner for a few weeks now, not that it has been record temps thankfully, but I was thinking to myself. "Hubs will get to see what it is like without any cool air". Because, even if you have it on cold, only warm air flows. Well, we get just south of Winston and start heading up the mountain and Hubs decides to turn on the a/c. I didn't say anything, just smile under my breath. Well, guess what. COLD AIR is coming out of the vent! I said, "did you turn on the a/c?" A grin from the Hubs. I got mad. Yes, mad. I said, "I have driven this thing around for weeks without any cold air. The minute you get in here and put your finger on the button it works. What is up with that?" He just grins some more. "Do you have a magic finger?" Just more smiling. OK, well, I am mad now. I want you to know I am mad. Hubs says, "I can't get the cruise control to work". I said, "well, you are lucky you have a/c, so don't be wishing for something else!" The air was so cool that I put on my jacket before we got to the game!

Bugg warmed up with the varsity girls. Introduced with them. She didn't go in, until the 3rd game. She didn't get any blocks, sets, hits, or kills. She did get to serve and she had a defensive play, but that was about all. They lost that game, but won the other 3. They have a tournament this Saturday at home, all day.

On the way home, the a/c wasn't on, but the fan was on cool mode. Cold Air and I had to put Hubs and my jacket on!!! :~( Crazy huh? We will see when and if it works again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The rest is over

The Labor Day weekend has been good. The girls have been home, no sports this weekend. The laundry is being done, the kitchen cleaned, the closets organized, the football games watched, friends over and Hubs hunting. This has been a good weekend. I was able to take care of my friends dog while she was able to get away. I talked with my family from Texas, played some games with the kids. It has been good. The thing is, this is where it ends. Tomorrow starts volleyball, game in Ashland. The weekend, is volleyball, soccer, foundation, church. It is only a race from here on out. Hopefully, I will be good about keeping up with the blog. We will see how that goes. Enjoy your new school year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Six years ago today, I had spent the night in the hospital with two very good friends of mine. They were laboring, on what was to be labor day, for the birth of their first child. It was a grand evening. We started at their home and soon headed for the hospital. Momma was a trooper and she refused pain meds, kept her breathing going and had that baby boy within a few pushes. I was so proud of her and he was so sweet. Blake Thomas was born and I was thrilled. I loved being able to share in the delight of such an awesome thing...a start of new life. Thank you to Blake's parents for letting me be a part of that. I will never forget. The next year after he turned one, they had to make a move half way across the country. My time with little boy would be much changed, but my heart for him would not. I still love that little boy the same. Wish for more time with him, but am delighted that his mommy and daddy have continued to let him be a part of my life. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! May you feel the love of Jesus wrap you up today and the days to come.

Aunt Brandi~

It was absolutely divine to hear your little voice on the phone. I hope your party was extra special. :~)