Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Buggy made the Varsity/JV team today. Coach told her she was on Varsity, but she is not a starter, she can play a game in the JV match and sit the bench for Varsity. She got a free pair of Volleyball court shoes and will be intro'd with the Varsity. Should be an interesting year!
I am proud of her no matter what. She is amazing and I look forward to watching her play, wherever she plays!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


OK, so I messed up on adding the pictures, but nonetheless; we have some fun pictures of our celebration this week. My "sister" Kelly turned 40 on Thursday. That night we went to Anthony's for dinner on the patio. They have a live band and it was a beautiful night to enjoy the patio. Friday night we surprised her and met her at 7 Feathers for a girls night. Her two school chums had stolen her from work early in the day, then took her to lunch, a drive down memory lane and then to a movie. After the movie, they told her they had another stop and got on the freeway. To Canyonville they went. They met up with us, 4 of us at the Hotel. The girls all got fancied up after checking in to our room. Headed down to the grill for some appetizers and then to the "show". Well, some things don't need to be shared!!! Half the girls danced, half the girls gambled, but Fun was had by all. The night didn't close out for us til 2 and 3 am, depending on which girl you were hanging with. Today, we slept in and then went for breakfast, only 4 of us by now. We then headed to the spa for our "spa retreat". Oh my goodness! Two of us had never experienced this before, but, we are now hooked. Two of them stayed and met up with the husbands and the rest of us went home at various times. But, let me tell you, we girls had a good time.

The girls with their groove on!!
Birthday cake on Thursday....

Enjoying a giggle

Kimmy and Candi

Tina and Kelly

Kimmy and Brandi

Candi and Michelle

Shelley, Kelly and Michelle

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bringing her home!

Most of you already know this story, but for fun I had to blog it. We headed up on Saturday to get Peanut. Her plane was to arrive at 6:12pm at the Portland Airport. We tried to busy ourselves with things to do until time to head up north. We arrived slightly early and headed to the "mall" at Cascade Station to waste some time. As time got closer, we headed over to the airport. We checked the arrivals and all things were on schedule. As the time grew closer, Bugg would ask, what time is it? Is it time yet? She was mighty anxious. She was ready to see her sister. The other parents were giggling at Bugg and her excitement and "impatience" for her sister's arrival. She didn't want to wait for her to get off the plane or walk the 13 gates to where we were! She wanted her sister here, NOW!


here she is!!!! she ran and jumped into her sister's arms!!!!

then hugged her daddy.....

the whole gang!!

let's go get your luggage...

wait....let me try out the massage chair!! :~)

look, sis, what I got while we were waiting for you!

We went to Chili's at Clackamas for dinner and we happened to take the lap top in, because we were looking at her pictures. So we took a group picture!
Thankful to be together.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today, one year ago, a woman whom I truly admired, left this earth to rest in the arms of Jesus. And then to say goodbye to her Granddad as well. This was the start of a long and winding year for me. A year in which, at times I felt truly alone, as if no one ever could understand, but where I knew that deep down I wasn't truly alone. After we said goodbye to her, the following month we said another goodbye. A Goodbye to a friend of my mom's that had been a friend to her longer than I have been alive. The same mean old nasty disease took both of them. My mom went through a time of trial with her health. I found I was walking a terrible walk with my teenage daughter, it could have been much worse, but to me, it was horrible. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal, the was something I had never been through before. Then the "friends" that I thought were there for me, betrayed me and accused me of some bad mothering. Judged and beaten and feeling alone. Then the "stalking" began. We were afraid, a fear I never knew, until my girl was threatened. That is a scary thing. I was ready to leave my church, I was ready to leave my home and my life. I was ready to run away. Then God would remind me of His ever present faithfulness. He healed one friend, then another. He began restoring my heart and teaching me forgiveness for those who had hurt me. He began to show me that I needed to trust Him for my Daughter's safety and protection. He showed me that I had a partner who is with me through it all, and is holding my hand and reminding me of the God we serve. The One who I needed to be closest to, was right there the whole time. I am reminded that sometimes we don't understand where we are going on our journey, but, I know who leads me and where my journey ends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Safeway Picnic

After church today, Hubs was doing the yard work and I pulled some weeds. He threw a snake out of the yard because I am incredibly afraid of snakes. We had BBQ'd some hot dogs and were going to make stir fry later, ran Bugg to pick up her photographs from the Fair; then, started my coupon sorting for my Sunday afternoon shopping. Hubs comes in and says, "let's go for a drive!" Well, this doesn't happen all too often, so of course I say, "OK". We head out in the Bronco, the top is off, it is dusty, been rained on since the top came off. Off to River Forks Park we go. The Safeway company picnic!!

Here is Clymer, getting in my face about something, so I take his picture.
Sambo and Brenda

Clymer~he just threw a horseshoe....really!

Can you tell they have been friends for a while....

Showing off his horseshoe form for all

The Safeway Gang watching a horseshoe that what it is called?
Auds and Hubs going against each other

Auds boy~ he's Hubs partner

Glenna *finally got the groove on*

Hubs and I took a walk down to the river, haven't been down there for quite some time.
Just a little picture of the river

finding rocks to skip

skippin' rocks
Just me
He wanted to take two....
Bugg had left, then when she decided to come home and we weren't there, funny! She called us three times to see where we were and when we would be home. Funny how it is OK for her to run around, but not for us.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


For my birthday, Mom got us tickets to the concert. The headliner was Josh Turner. He is a country music artist, but, he is also a believer and not afraid to sing about it. Many of his songs were directly referring to the Lord, whether it was the song, "Me and God" or "He wasn't raised that way". Josh's voice is amazing and his songs touching. It was a great concert and Nana loved his smile. She couldn't help but comment on it, every time he grinned. It was a nice evening. I had my hubby, my girl, and my Mom. That was a nice day. I had several comments from my facebook friends, several singing messages on my phone and lots of well wishes from my co-workers. Thanks for a great birthday. I am typing and loading this from my laptop! I am so spoiled. :~)

Josh singing on the big screen.
Just singing...

singing and playing...

the sign board preparing the show....
My BFF (and my boss :~).

Hubbs and Bugg
Bugg and Me
Me and Mom

Hubbs and me....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday~ August 2nd

Sunday, we got together in the afternoon as well. Minus Peanut and my sister's family, because they were elsewhere. We had some good times. Here are some pics~ enjoy!

Papa and Bugg
He's happy~really

I must be thinking!!

Bugg and her daddy

Playing "skip bo" together

trying to get Nana to look at the camera!

I am giving him that look!!
He was the total crazy man~ it was hilarious!
I am being patient~ I promise.