Friday, November 26, 2010


Today, as the morning was beginning, I was listening to the girls. They were getting ready for a road trip. Bugg says to Peanut that there is this one jacket that is in the dryer and that she needs to make sure to grab it cause it will get cold. Then, Peanut is asking if she can make some sandwiches for the trip. The way they helped each other and focused on the other one was such a treat. I sat and just grinned listening to these girls, whom have grown so much in the last few years. It is amazing how they grow and mature right before our eyes. Sometimes while we are watching and not seeing. I quietly said a Thank You to the Lord for His goodness and His grace for my girls. How they love and look after one another. It is such a delight to "watch" this all happen before my eyes. I am so proud of my girls and look forward to watching them for many more years to come.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

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Just a few pictures from out day :~) ENJOY!

Mom's Birthday

Just a little bit of her birthday. We had a great time.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our LAST Volleyball Banquet 2010

This is Lyns, she was co captain and co inspirational player
(OK, I accidentally removed this picture below and couldn't get it back to the right spot, forgive me.)
Lyns and Lyns

Tyler, Lyns and Lyns

I didn't know that I could ever be so thankful for a season of our life to be over, but I am.

Bugg has had the most difficult high school years of volleyball related to her coaching.

She has had her confidence and self esteem shattered and I for one am truly grateful that it is finally over. I am so, so, so very proud of her for who she is and how she continued to handle herself so well despite the changes. She exemplified true Dignity when she wasn't shown any respect. I am so impressed with her. I know that her skills improved immeasurably throughout the years. But one thing my husband said tonight was, "you can't show what you have, when you are never given the chance." I think that sums up her time completely. She is amazing and I am so delighted she is mine.

Bugg here is to you!

You deserve so much better.

Coach and Melissa~ she has dress rehearsal for a play.

Neva~she got the Kate Stone award and scholarship

Good Job Neva!!

My beautiful Bugg

The Seniors

He was telling a story about her. He said she was the one who never showed any emotion until a couple of weeks ago during a rock/paper/scissors game with Alyssa.

She never got excited for wins, but she got excited for rock/paper/scissors.

That was his story about her.

Ericka, the most improved player

Kabrissa~the quiet one

Bree~Player of the Year for our conference :~)
Also, co captain for the team and inspirational player with Lyns.

waiting for it to be over. Emotionless....
only on the outside.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Team Dinner and First Play off game

On Tuesday Evening the 2nd of November, it was our turn for the Pasta Party. The team holds a Pasta Dinner the night before each home game. I had not been able to do it yet this season, so I got to do it for the Play off game. This was all good, until we heard that Peanut was going to be playing her first Play In game for the Play Offs for the girls varsity soccer team on the same night at roughly the same time. Well, I opted to stay with the girls, because I have so much fun with them, and the Hubs and my Parents went to the game. Here the girls are digging in.

Steph sitting, Bree standing and Vanessa standing, Ericka and Tyler seated facing the camera, and Cali sitting to the right.

Bree, Steph, and Ellie

Ericka, Tyler, Vanessa and Cali

Alyssa, Anna (behind Lyns), Lyns, Lyns, Neva and Kabrissa
The girls seemed to have a really good time, they stayed for a bit and some of them stayed for quite a while! It was fun to listen to them all chat together.

Game Time 6 pm Wednesday
Kabrissa, Ericka,Tyler,Bree, Melissa, Neva, Lyns,Vanessa,Lyns, Cali, Alyssa, Ellie, Anna

Got her game face on!! :~)

waiting for the ball to come back over
The girls took the match in 3 games. They played well and had some moments that were so incredible and then some that were a little ummm.......not so incredible.
We will play on Saturday.
Back to Peanut, her team scored 12 goals against the team they played. Peanut scored 2 of those!! Hubs was texting me all night and keeping me updated. She will play on Saturday as well. Will keep you updated :~)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our annual Trunk or Treat Festival was held at the Church again this year. It was put on by the Children's ministry under the direction of my dear friend Jenn. There was a huge turnout, not just for the number of trunks, but the number of people. The tunnel provided by the youth was bigger and better than ever. We had drinks and popcorn and prizes were awarded. It was a big event. I think it is my favorite part of Halloween. I don't need to dress up as anything exciting, as you can see, but just seeing the little ones all dressed up in different garb is entertaining to me. Seeing the number of children in High School, thinking they can trick or treat is alarming, as well as the costumes they try to get by with. I just read an article about that, "keeping the costumes from being too sexy." It is sad we have to even read an article like that, but I guess that is what is prevalent in our times.
On Saturday Evening, Peanut and her friends were headed to a black light Halloween party, no costumes required, but you know her..... she loves to dress up crazy whenever she can! So here is a part of her costume, she was an 80's workout girl. :~)

I thought she did a pretty good job, her big hoop earrings and her off the shoulder t shirt. Not bad. We teased her hair, but it still looked cute in her pony. Her friend, the boy, didn't dress up, he just wore white :~).
I don't have any pictures of Bugg and Puddles, they did quite the job of face masks and wigs, some of you could see those pics on FB. They were cute. That was our Halloween.