Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bugg turns 17 :~)

On Friday night, we started our party. We got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, chocolate chip cookie dough. Her friends were coming over for the evening.
They were playing Phase 10!

"C" on the left, had quit, because he got frustrated by not passing the phases. So, he teamed up with "L" his girlfriend.

"G" taught us how to play the game "signs" and it was a huge hit, even Hubs did well.

watching the presents being opened.....

"L" looking like she was getting sleepy and she was!

Bugg looking fabulous on her first night of birthday party.

Day 2~ Sunday with the family

with Uncle Kenny~

presents from Aunt Candi~

more from Aunt Candi

from Gramma Willy~


the card from Uncle Ken

it was funny!! :~)

thank you hugs....

lovin' Nana

lovin' Papa
blowing out the candles on cake #2

having fun~ just us girls
Happy Birthday to my sweet Bugg.
You have been a blessing in my life since the day you were born. I have not known the love that I feel for you each passing day watching you grow to become the woman that you are. I cherish you and thank God for you every day. May you be blessed on this your next year.
much love,

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today I started working on the transformation to Bugg's grown up room. She has fallen in love with the black and white theme. For Christmas she got the bedroom set and now we work on the walls. I got this grey primer, because her walls are so dark! I began slowly just around the trim, because the bed and the desk were in my way and I couldn't move them without Hubs. He was busy working on water leaks and so he was under the house. He told me he was turning the water on for a certain amount of time and so Peanut and I needed to get our showers done then.
We did them and went on our errands for this afternoons birthday party's that we both were attending. Then she had softball practice while I went to a birthday party. When I picked her up from practice, so she could run home and shower and change, we came home to Hubs and Bugg putting the finishing touches on the remainder of the room!!! SO the entire room is primed and all I had to do was a little trim. She has picked her colors, so in the next few days we will have an entirely new look to her room. Pretty exciting! There are days that she definitely wants to be a grown up, but, when we talk about moving out to go to college, she adamantly states, "I am NOT moving out!" We'll see what happens :~)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Father/Daughter Dance 2010

On Friday the 12th, the girls had a date with the dad. They have been doing this since they were little. Daddy would get them dressed up and bring them to the hospital to show them off to me before the dance way back when. Now, they need NO help from anyone but each other.
They get dinner and corsages from Daddy and a special night with him. What a treasure. Here are a few photos from their evening.

helping getting the dresses on
fixing the hair

Sister helping sister

Daddy and his oldest

Daddy and his baby

A daddy and his girls

the girls!! :~)

Oh yea!! :~)

the girls...

The other day the girls were getting along really well and they decided to do a "project" for each other. So they turned some old t shirts inside out and colored them. They created a shirt for each other and didn't want the other to see, although, they were sitting in the kitchen together.
So, here is a couple of shots I took while they were creating...
Bugg taking a texting break while working on Peanut's
Peanut analyzing her creation to see what needed to be done


This wasn't the finished product, but you get the idea of what they were doing. This is Peanut's from Bugg! Can't wait for them to wear these :~)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Carley turns 10!

On Friday afternoon, Nana, Papa, Puddles, Bugg, Peanut and I headed up to Washington. Sister knew that Nana and Papa were coming, but not the rest of us. So we had to be pretty sneaky about not calling or texting what we were doing.

We arrived around 9 pm. They were surprised and delighted of course. We gave Curly her presents and let her open them. She is really into making her own jewelry right now, so we got her things to help her in her creativity.

There were tools for jewelry making, beads and accessories. She and Bugg went to crafting right away.

Nana and Papa gave her a card filled with the green stuff and that made her VERY happy.

Bugg and Puddles put her blanket together on the trip up. They are so good. She is into Penguins, so the other side of the blue is penguins.

On Saturday, we headed to Charlie Safari for the party. One of Sis's friends, whom happens to be her neighbor, made Curly's cake. She actually wants to do a cake business, but happens to be a civilian employee at the base.

The party room featured a LION on the wall. Each party room had a different theme and name.

This is one of Sis's neighbor's (and Friend) as well. Her little guy was just a tiny infant at the birthday party last year.

This one is enjoying the cake her mother made :~)

Blowing out the candles.....

A wave to the camera from the corner.

More from the cutie....

Miniature golf was on the agenda for Nana,

and Peanut....

when she wasn't stuck in the log :~)
Try to get through this obstacle.

Enough for the littlest guy....

Now for Twister at the house after the party.

Nana is such a good sport. Little J says, "Nana, let's play Twister" and so she does.
We then went to the dining room and played "APPLES TO APPLES". That was hilarious!
Sister's neighbor's (friends') are so great. They treat her and the family well.

The next morning the kids all were playing the dance game on the wii.
I had to get pictures, they were so funny and they were working hard.
Peanut kept beating Bugg's score and that was making her crazy, so she wanted to keep doing it until she beat her sister!!!!

Nana wanted some group pictures of the kids.....

let's not forget Puddles :~)

That was our wild weekend in Washington!!