Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nana's birthday

(pictures added after the post, be sure to read why they are dressed this way)

Mom celebrated her 66th year yesterday. I had an incredibly busy day at work and thankfully Peanut's basketball game was cancelled. I ran to pick up her wreath order from the ESD for her softball fundraiser. Went to Safeway to get a little "something" for Nana. Went to Jo lane to pick up Peanut, who was watching wrestling. Then, headed home to get the rest of the family. I was so excited to give Mom her present. I have been thinking about it for a really long time and finally finalized it last week. So I was a little eager to get to Mom's. I wrapped up a little gift to go along with her card and we headed out to Mom's. Mom was reading the directions to her new sewing machine that Dad had gotten her. We all loved on her and gave her the card. You see, Candi and I went together to get her a "spa retreat" at 7 Feathers. She will go down on Saturday afternoon for a Swedish massage, followed by a facial. They have a hot tub and a wet and dry sauna for her to use as well. I think I was more excited for her to open it. She yelled a little and got a bit excited. She then took the gift bag we gave her and opened it up. We had put in a bright yellow and a bright orange swimsuit for her to take with her to the spa. She quickly said she had one of her own to wear and the girls went and found it in her room. The girls then put on the swimsuits over their clothes and had Nana hang hers around her neck to take pictures. Papa has the pictures on his camera. Can't wait to share those with you!!! That was hilarious!

We all sat down to Papa's famous stew and Nana's favorite "rodeo" rolls and had a great "family" dinner. It is fun with the girls being old enough for conversation and good times. We then cleared the table and played a few rounds of Dominoes before heading home. It was a nice time.

Basketball game/ Volleyball Banquet

Monday afternoon was a busy one...
Peanut had a basketball game. It was scheduled to start at 4:30. Bugg had a volleyball banquet that was to start at 6:00. I fixed spaghetti and turkey meatballs and a salad to take to the banquet. It was warming in the oven when we headed to the basketball game.
The 7th graders play before her, so they went into overtime. By the time Peanut started it was after 5. Bugg and I had planned to leave by 5:30 to run home and get the food and head to the banquet. We only saw Peanut play for a little bit before we had to leave. Thankfully, Nana and Papa and Uncle Kenny had come to watch her.
Before I left, I got some shots of her playing.

stealing the ball
going in for a shot

On a fast break....
she eyes the basket....
and she scores :~).
Just in time for me to leave.

So we went to the High School for the Banquet. Just Bugg and I. We sat by our friend Jamie and Dribbler's Mom. We also sat with Cassie and her family.
They let us eat and then Bruce said a few (a lot) words. Then the Freshman team was introduced and given their certificates and letters from their coach.
Here is John. He is one of our Favorite Coaches. He has been so good to Bugg and helpful in teaching her more about volleyball.
The JV team lined up. Doesn't she look enthusiastic??

Here she is with the Varsity girls....

The girls she will probably be playing with next year.
So that was our Monday evening.
Crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
What will I do when these girls aren't here to occupy my time??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls' Night Out~Washington style

Friday afternoon I headed up to Washington to hang out with my sister.
She and her friends had invited me to a concert for Jeremy Camp, featuring Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman. The concert was Saturday, they had invited me a while ago and I was so looking forward to going. I had intended to take the girls, Bugg had Club tryouts and Peanut had a Birthday Party and The Nutcracker to go to, so I went alone.
I was able to get out of work relatively early and started up I-5 before one. The trip was uneventful, a couple of stops and lots of rain, but uneventful.
My sister had dinner ready, she had made Spaghetti (with whole wheat noodles). A nice salad and some garlic bread. We packed ourselves up and headed up the street to the neighbors. I chose to walk because I had just been in the car for 5 hours, Curly Sue walked with me. Sister drove :~).
We hung out for a while, then headed to the other neighbors. I watched those girls do the "sing star" on the x box system. It is pretty entertaining to witness the gift of a bunch of crazy girls having a time of their lives together. I so envied those group of girls. They probably had 5 or 6 of the neighbor gals there throughout the evening. What fun!

We didn't get home til late probably close to Midnight thirty.
I walked, Sister drove :~)
The next day, we lounged around til time to get ready for the concert. The concert was a little way from sis's house. It was about an hour. So we all piled in to the minivan, every seat full and headed to the concert venue. The girls Son and Krys, had won tickets from their local radio station, so we waited til the doors opened to get their tickets, then headed out to find someplace to eat. We saw so many places but the traffic was heavy and it was difficult to maneuver. So, we found a "Black Bear Diner". We were seated after several minutes and our waitress was from another country. She wasn't real speedy. So after the girls were getting a little concerned about time, I spoke up and said, We really need to be someplace in 30 minutes, do you think we have time to order, get the food and eat it?
Oh, we could try she says in broken English.
The girls say no, it won't work. We pay for our sodas and head out the door to find a quick eats.
We found a KFC and quickly grabbed our food and headed out to the concert. Some of the gals had back stage meet and greet passes, they were to be back at 6. The concert was to start at 7.
So we had hurried back and they told them that the meet and greet was changed to after the concert. So we had hurried and then it was all for not. I had to giggle.
So we had some time to browse the items for sale and mingle. The church was absolutely huge. It had a bookstore in the lobby, a coffee shop (full size) in the lobby, and a ladies restroom the size of one from an Event Center! WOW!
Good times.


Gabe~ the amazing accompanist for Bebo Norman

~Bebo Norman~

~Natalie Grant~

~sweet Natalie~

~Jeremy Camp~

~singing and playing~
So, we were told "no flash" that is why these pictures aren't really that great. But, it was an absolutely wonderful concert. They all have such hearts for God and His will in this world.
So cool.
Being with the girls was a treasure. I am envious of their time together, wishing I had a little of that myself. But, one day, maybe I will. They are a great bunch of gals and I am thankful they have welcomed my sister and her little sister into their fun circle.
Today, we got up and headed to church, said my goodbyes to the gals and packed up the car. Took a little respite with my sister and then drove home.
I had a great time. Thanks so much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Play~in' Bas Ket Balllllll......

We traveled to Winston to play another basketball game. I remembered my camera, so we get a little glimpse of the game. Peanut is taking the free throw shot here....


nice pass.....

Nice form

Sister watching and cheering her on, with her new haircut!
We won by two points. The referree's made some, let's rephrase that, didn't make some calls and so it was a violent game. I thought maybe we were playing soccer again! Oh well, I guess I am learning all the time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Soccer Sunday for RSA

Yesterday we traveled to Eugene for what was probably going to be our last soccer game of the RSA season. The Revolution had lost on Saturday by a goal to the team in Phoenix. We hadn't really played our hardest, so it is not that terrible that we lost. What was so terrible was that Peanut was in the goal box when the goal was scored. She tripped in some mud and the ball got past her. It was incredibly sad because she is so very hard on herself that it is painful to watch.
We had to win this game and the Phoenix team needed to get beat. We went out like champs!
Well, after we lined up for a potty break.....
There was one and only one out house for the girls to use. They had traveled for an hour from home, so you know that means it is bathroom time! :~)


E~just a little bundled!!
Papa~ready for the game to start!

Peanut started out in the goal. We were playing on turf and the weather was dry. She was dressed in layers, for protection from the turf and the cold.

Another stop....I think Nana counted Nine stops in the first half.

In the first part of the game, Peanut makes a comment about her shoe laces being untied. She wears these gloves (they look like Mickey Mouse gloves) and she isn't able to tie them without taking them off. So....

she gets a little help from a teammate. While they are substituting some players, she runs back to Peanut and ties her cleat, quickly!

The game ended in a tie. No score. So we went to shoot out. Peanut really wanted to be Goalie for the shoot out. The girl is ready....
The first ball went to her right and she dove without making the stop.
The second ball went over the goal post.
The third ball went straight for her and hit her gloved hands and flipped over them into the goal.
The next one missed, and so did the last.
Meanwhile, we made 3, so we won the tie break. :~)
Here was Peanut's teammates letting her know how happy they were with her!!

The love of teammates. She has a bruise on her chin from one of the girls hitting her on the way into the pile. Several of us headed to Red Robin by Valley River and had a great lunch. We laughed and enjoyed being together in a celebratory mood.
Great job Roseburg Revolution~U14's. I was proud to watch your undefeated season.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A cut and color

Do you know how much it makes a girl feel good when she gets her hair done???
So ignore the background, but anyhow, after the week I have had, it felt good to get the hair done!! :~)

Monday, November 9, 2009

This past weekend, was another busy one. But, I know that we expect nothing less :~).

On Friday night I had agreed to participate in the weekend retreat at our church for our youth group. The focus was on Sexual purity. The lessons weren't just about God said and so it should be, which should be good enough, but, they shared on the fact that there is over 30 sexually transmitted diseases now! The number has increased from 5 in the 50's and 60's to 30! Some of these can lead to cancer and even death. So pregnancy and emotional issues were clearly NOT the only thing we talked about. The speaker, Pam Stenzel, was a video taped message. Her message was given to us on Saturday morning after being up nearly all night. She was passionate and an excellent speaker, so we had no trouble staying awake for that one. It is pretty intense stuff. Praying that my girls will see the importance of sexual purity for themselves until they can give the gift to their future husbands. What a blessing that would be.

I went home in time to say goodbye to Bugg, she was heading out with the volleyball team to Jesuit for the play off game. Took a brief siesta with Peanut and then showered and off to her soccer game. She played great! Muddy, wet, messy, but great. They won that game. After the soccer game, we headed up north. Nana, Puddles, Hubs and I to the Jesuit game to watch Bugg's volleyball team. The team we played was unbeaten. They were still unbeaten when we left! We stopped for some food and headed home.

Sunday, I got to be with the kiddo's for children's church. I am so praying that that ministry gets an overhaul! Another story! So we headed to Peanut's soccer game at the high school.
The team scored against us back to back in the first half. We scored and then scored our tying goal in the final minutes of the second half. The games are part of a tournament, so we can't end in a tie. Shoot out time. Thankfully, Peanut was not the goalie. Our first girl went up and made the shot, theirs did too. Our second girl made the shot, theirs didn't. Our third girl (peanut) hit the goal post and it ricocheted off, their girl made the shot. Our next two girls didn't make their shots, their next one didn't and the last one did. So they beat us by one. It was so sad. The girls' haven't lost all season. It was a sad day. There were some tears and some heartache, some serious depression from my little peanut, she even made her Nana cry. It was heartbreaking. Anyway, we recovered and we are better people today. Right! Isn't that what they always say?? Enjoy, til next time.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Our church does this "trunk or treat" event on Halloween each year. It is very well attended and is usually a hit. This year, I decorated the back of the burban and took some pictures of some of the other "trunks" as well as, a few of my favorite little people. :~)

This is the Morrow "natural" trunk

The feast of the Lost Son

Our Pianist

Tractor Treat

The Spider "neighbor" trunk


My other "neighbor" trunk

My Favorite Prom Queens

Little Fi-Fi

One of Peanut's friends

The Nerd, the Pirate and the Super Hero

The Beaver Fans
We had some that were happy that we were there,
but we had quite a few stop at the "trunk" that was watching the Duck/USC game.
It was a fun night, even though it rained :~)