Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I know I am going to be in trouble for this one, but isn't that about where I spend most of my time?
Last night, Peanut had her final choir concert of the year. When the Mixed Choir was on, they had some fun summer songs to sing. The first song, the girls only sang. It was Martina McBride's "this one's for the girls". There was a couple of solos, Peanut had tried out for one, but told me she didn't get it. Then they sang "Surfin' USA, Don't Worry Baby, and Kokomo, with a few additional solos. Not one of which was Peanut. So finally, they get to "the Lion Sleeps tonight". Featuring solos by this girl, my girl, and another girl. The first girl gets up to sing her solo and her voice squeaks, so she runs off stage and hides, then a couple of the other girls followed her off!! Now that hasn't happened before. Mrs. Gaddis, the cool lady that she is, just kept right on going. Then came our little Peanut!!!

She belted out, "In the village, the peaceful village, the Lion sleeps tonight.
In the village, the quiet village,

the Lion sleeps tonight!"
WOW! Was she ever amazing. I was so proud! She finished her lines and her big sister belts out, "whoo hoo!" real loudly. Funny little faces and giggles peer her way, as she says, "what, I wanted to yell for her?".

"I'm a believer" their final number!

Then, when the choir is finished, the awards are handed out by Mrs. Gaddis. The awards are voted on by the students in the choir class themselves. Peanut was awarded the "MOST INSPIRATIONAL" and "the OUTSTANDING MUSICIAN". What a cool thing to receive, especially since it is voted on by the peers. TOO COOL!
So, why am I in trouble you may ask? I seem to not let people who want to know that the girls are doing things that they might want to see. Well, since I didn't know she was having a solo, nor did I remember that she was actually having a concert *ha*, I really didn't tell anyone. Luckily for me, Nana was there! Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Willy Wonka

Yesterday, I went with Peanut and some of her classmates to Jacksonville to watch a play at the Brit outdoor arena. It was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, done by 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the area. They all go to one school and they have over 200 parent volunteers.
It was quite the entertaining trip. I learned quite a bit about 7th graders. Some of the children need a little extra supervision and someone to tell them that some things they say and do, just aren't cool! Well, leave it to me to not keep my mouth shut about this little boy who kept being so disrespectful! I thought for sure that all of Peanut's Classmates would hate me, but some of them actually told me thank you because he is out of control! Anyway, here are some pictures. Peanut and I had a great time together!

Amber and Peanut
The stage...

Some props....

Willy Wonka

The Buckets~Charlie and all

The kids

Dancing in the *street*

Agustus und seinMutter

Veruka and Mr. Salt

Violet and Mother Boregard

Mike TV and his Mom

All of the *Winners* of the GOLDEN TICKET

The Oompa Loompa's

The Chocolate mountain

Agustus eating too much chocolate

Violet turning VIOLET!

Peanut and Amber watching

The fizzy pop that Charlie drank

The squirrels with Veruka

Thrown in the Bad NUT pit...

The TV Mike went in?

The TV he came out of....

Charlie and Willy

The whole Cast...

Amber and Peanut~

Me and the girls~

Peanut and I on stage

Peanut and Rachel

The gang that traveled by bus to the play.

The windows were open on the bus and the wind was whipping through the bus, so the girls put their seat up (they were sitting in the emergency exit) and sat on the floor, out of the wind.
It was a fun day for me and the girls, but it was a little challenging to meet some of the kids and hear the language and the song choices of these kids. It is rather alarming. I used to think, if my kid were in with this crowd or that crowd, then she should be OK. But, now a days, that is not necessarily the truth! It was enlightening and a little challenging. But, now I know how to pray for my girl.
We will be out of town this weekend for a softball tournament. Look for pics and stories on Monday. :~) Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Softball Begins

Peanut decided to try out for ASA Fastpitch softball this year. She has been playing rec softball since she could hold a bat. So tryouts were a long time ago and practices started in December. Today was the first game. A scrimmage against Grants Pass.

Peanut started out in Center Field. She has decided this isn't so bad of a place to play. She is also one of the catcher's. She played Catcher last year on the rec team and did a really nice job.
She used to play Short Stop and Second Base as well, but she joined a team that has all returning players, but two. She being one of the two. She is the fastest one on the team. As mentioned by the coach on various occasions, so she got the job of lead off batter. Her issue is~she hasn't seen balls pitched this fast in her rec years. She had a little bit of nervousness going in to it, she struck out her first two at bats. She got a hit on the third. She made it all the way home, safely.
She played Catcher in innings 7 and 8. She was awesome behind the plate, no balls passed her the first inning she was there. The second inning she was there, it got a little stressful. The pitcher started allowing people on base and the bases got loaded, a new pitcher in and some wild pitches, some runs scored. It was hard to watch because Peanut takes everything so personal, she owns it. You could see the confidence draining from her as the inning went on. She went on to bat, and got a hit and she ran so fast she beat the runner in front of her. (meaning that she made it to first before the other girl made it to second) Anyway, she made it all the way around, with two outs and speed on her side. We ended up losing by a couple of runs, but it was a great first game. Nerves were worked out for all involved. Peanut, on the other hand, would like to not play again. So keep her in your prayers if you will, that God would give her the confidence she needs to continue on. Here are some pictures....
at bat

her time for her hit...

On the bases!! :~)

National Junior Honor Society

Peanut has been invited to join the National Junior Honor Society. Her ceremony for installation was last evening. We had known about it for a couple of weeks, so she and I went on Sunday afternoon to get her a fun summery dress to wear. Well, the one we found was *shhh* strapless! We had a cute little sweater to wear though, that helps the mommy not feel like her baby is quite so grown up. *wink, wink*
So, we set out for the evening, she had to be there a little early of course. Well, we were not early enough, because we sat about 15 rows back. We saved a seat for Nana and Papa. The kids were brought in and lined up in two rows by grade level along the side of the gym. They had a little ceremony about what it means to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society and how one becomes a member. They had a guest speaker, Mrs. McDaniel, who was afflicted with laryngitis, so Mr. Freeman the Principal read her words. It was actually a neat piece of information. She spoke about the Ford Family Foundation doing Scholarships for College. She let the kids know what it takes to get a scholarship and how they need to prepare, even at this stage of the game. Hubs and I, both thought it was very informative. Then on to read the names. First, the 8th graders, then the 7th graders. They came on to the stage, wrote their name in the Member book, then took a candle. They then, lined the walls of the auditorium with their candles and their certificates. We were close to where Peanut ended up, but not quite.
So, here are a few photos. ENJOY!

Mr. Freeman delivering Mrs. McDaniel's words

McKenzie and Amber (classmates)

Cowgirl~you've seen her before! She was in the play with Peanut last month.

Cute Curly hair~his sister played with Bugg on the volleyball team and we enjoyed harassing him about his great curls. I never did play with his hair, I just threatened to do so, quite often!

Fi and Alec~twins/classmates/soccer teammate
Signing the book....
taking her candle and certificate
My sweet little Princess....
Nana, Cowgirl, Peanut, and Papa (it was really warm in there, hence the red cheeks of everyone)
The girls~
What a fun time. I hope to enjoy more of this in my Motherly years :~).