Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today, I started the day out having to get Chelsey from the church at 7 am. She had been at the "lock in" for the youth. They went at 7 pm last night and stayed til this morning. She had invited a few girlfriends and they had planned on meeting her there. There was one stipulation, she had to play well in her soccer game after being up all night. She promised. So, she played her heart out. We played at Roseburg High School for the PRESIDENT's cup. Well, it is turf as you see. Our girls aren't really comfortable on turf, because that isn't what they usually play on. But they did ok. We played a team we had previously beat. Well, they scored on us in the first half on a wet weird roll. The second score they got was due to a penalty shot that they shouldn't have been awarded in the first place, but did nonetheless. So they beat us 2-0. Only a real handfull of the girls played hard, one being that little number 8 there on the screen. :~}
This is big sister! She couldn't stand the excitement, there were at least 15 attempts on goal during the second half, we were so close, so many times.

This is my sweet Sophie, we got to have dinner at her house tonight, with her and her folks and her nice dog Brinley. We had fun.

here is daddy and daughter playing "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"

here is Bubba, thinking I didn't know he was taking a picture with my camera!!!

Fun day!!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a busy Saturday. I bet it was hard for Chelsea to work hard after being up all night. Did she crash later?

Brandi said...

yes, and no! she rested while I ran to a wedding, then after we went to the schreiner's she went to a girlfriends house and spent the night :~}

Mommy Lion said...

What a silly girl! She is just full of so much energy ~ My little Kate reminds me a LOT of Chels!
Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Cheryl said...

Nice to catch up....

That little baby girl is SO cute!