Thursday, August 28, 2008

as promised

As promised, some pictures of my lovely from todays jamboree in Medford. The girls were great. They played 5 teams, 5 games and won all of them. The first was against N. Medford, they won 25-10. The second was Butte Falls, 25-11. The third was against Grants Pass 25-22. The fourth was against S. Medford the score was 25-16. The final match was against Ashland and the score was 25-17. It was fun. It was merely a preview of the games ahead, but I look forward to some fun Volleyball.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok, so the phone.... that one I wrote about last week. It really isn't working. It kinda acts like it wants to work, but it really is misbehaving.
I am still in trouble.

Lynsey has a volleyball jamboree this thursday, hopefully will get the camera charged up and ready to roll!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

what exactly???

So what exactly have I been doing for the last few days? Not blogging! Wow, it has been busy. Last thursday, was Bunco night. So when I got off work, I had to type minutes from the Fellowship Committee Meeting on Wednesday, send a copy to the office to get out to all the members. While doing this, I decided I better get my schedule out for the greeters for the month of September. Then I left and went to the Pilates class at Downtown Fitness. I really like that class but, wow, she kicked my butt, I was sore til yesterday. After a shower, I headed out to Grace's for a night of Bunco. Boy, howdy, did we have lots of Bunco's. Nancy won with 4 but there were a few who were pushing her with 3! It was a BUNCO night. Missed my blogging friend, Cheryl, though. She was having fun in the dunes.

Lynsey made the JV team for volleyball, so when I got off work on Friday, she met me greedily at the door, with "can we go get my team's new volleyball shoes? they are at the Put On and it closes at 5!" Out the door we went. The rest of that evening was a blur, I really can't remember what happened.

Saturday, I had a mini spa party. Mini because I only had 3 people come. It was fun though, because my sister in law, Cay brought her cousin Dorothy and the two of them are a riot!! During the mini spa party Lynsey had a scrimmage with the Varsity team that I sent my mom to watch, Jeff was working. After that I made my macaroni salad to take to Pastor's going away party. I had to be there at 3:30 so I could help with decorations and food preparations. But, there was a wedding this day and it was just barely finishing by 3:30, we only had til 5 to get the party started. WOW, that was some serious moving and shuffling to get things ready. After the party clean up, we headed to Fred Meyer to print photos and make memory boards for Treva's service, which was the next day. There was some mix up and the memory table things didn't make it down here for our celebration. So posters we made. Candi came in the middle of all this, exhausted from her own crazy week.

Sunday, after church I headed up to Romantic River Gardens for the celebration. We had set up and organization to do. The sound system was failing, the projector couldn't get plugged in, all the little things that make you crazy. But it all came together for a great celebration. If you haven't been able to visit Romantic River Gardens, I highly recommend going for a visit! That place is spectacular. Chels and Candi took some pictures, I can't find my camera cord for charging the battery, so none from me. Anyway, Jeff left and took Chelsey to Camp Kellogg for her week of "youth camp" and the rest of us, Candi and the kids, headed to home to wait for Jeff. We then went and spent the evening with Larry and Willy. That was pretty special. All of our "family" was there. We got to reminisce and enjoy being together again. Someone commented on the fact that we needn't only get together for these kind of times, but for more fun times as well. So, here is to making plans to get together more often with those we love.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I really enjoyed reading about the school shopping that my friends Cheryl and Michelle did this past weekend. I have to say that after registering the girls the last two days, I don't think we have money to buy any clothes with.

Chelsey was registered yesterday. She takes art and choir, so she had to pay $10 each for those classes. She has to have a yearbook, of course, and she gets her pictures taken. It was just over $100 for about 25 minutes of our time. And we didn't get her shots, which she needs, yes, additional shots for middle schoolers.

Today was Bugg's turn. But by the time we finished the hour long wait to get into the building, we spent less than 20 minutes in her registration and spent over $200! I can't believe it! It is just crazy to get these kids to school. So, supplies and clothes, they don't get any!! Just kidding, just not in the near future!! *smile*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

not the butt of the joke....

Ok, so we know that I am a little nutty, right??? Well, a week ago Wednesday we were having the youth over for a swim party and I wanted to pick up the house a bit. Well, Jeff's shorts were behind the bathroom door, so I grabbed them and put them in the washing machine. Not realizing, of course, that he had been wearing those and had just jumped in the pool to cool off. He came in the house looking for his phone and wallet.....yep, that's right, in the washing machine. So his phone no longer worked and his wallet was severely wet. Yes, it was all my fault. I then became the butt of all the jokes for the following weekend. That weekend where I was in Portland, Jeff was in Corvallis, we had to try to get together, but I couldn't reach him because someone had washed his phone.
I found the phone today in a drawer while doing some cleaning up and put the battery back in it. Fired it up and called myself!! So guess what?? His phone now works. YEAH!!!!! He doesn't know though. He left for the weekend. So will I have a surprise for him. *big smile*


It has been quite the week. I lost my dear big "sister" Treva, only to find Granddad, himself decided to be the one to greet her when she entered Heaven's gates. So for the family, they have two loved ones lost in a matter of only days. I have been praying for them without end.
One of Jeff's family members called, whom at this point will remain nameless, with the news that she, too, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. God has a plan for all of these things, but sometimes, I wonder what that might be. I know that he has bigger and better things in store for each of us, but at times, my heart just yearns for peace.
I got myself a haircut yesterday, that lifted my spirits. Took the girls out to SONIC, 'cause some of us hadn't been. It has been open for a couple of weeks now and both girls had a friend over, so we stopped at SONIC. Lynsey was driving, so that made it all the more interesting. It was fun.
Today, those in the Dalles will say a fond farewell to Treva, with those of us here in Roseburg awaiting next weekend to bid our farewell. We will celebrate the life that she gave us, and all the things she did so well.
May each of you have a blessed day, enjoying each person for who they are, not knowing when the good Lord will decide to take them home.
Here is to Trusting Jesus, even when it hurts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


may you rest in the sweet arms of Jesus, from now until forever.
I miss you already!
May 31, 1964-August 12, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


We finally made it home from the soccer trip to head out again....
This time to my Mom's house to visit with my Uncle Alvie, who is visiting from Dallas, Texas for his 50th high school class reunion. He was busy all weekend, so he didn't really miss us, but we had to see him. My Aunt Darlene brought him for us. They, being Mom, Auntie and Uncle, will be heading up north to visit more family in the next couple of days and then to Redmond before the final departure of Uncle back to Texas. Here is the girls and the aunt and uncle.


So after leaving the Leadership Summit on Friday evening about 5:30 pm in Beaverton, we headed south on I-5. My family was in Corvallis for a soccer tournament. They had went up on Friday mid morning because Chelsey played at 4 pm. So the goal was to get me to my family, but they needed to meet me at an exit close to I-5, because Pastor Steve wasn't going to take me all the way in to Corvallis. So, we didn't get very far with the traffic in Portland Hwy 26, Hwy 217, to I-5. It was a mad house friday evening. Well, there was no way for me to tell me family how we were doing on the road, because on Wednesday, I washed Jeff's cell phone. Yep, you got it, I washed his phone. It was totally my fault, I take all the blame. Will buy him a new one, no more about that ok......
Well, Lynsey's phone for some reason only chooses to work in certain locations along the roadways and Corvallis isn't one of them. So my family waited for two hours on the roadside for me.

We finally all got together and headed out for dinner. Chelsey's team had lost their 4 pm game and were not scheduled to play again until the next morning. She had organized the team for that game because the coach was delayed. Poor thing. Anyway, here are just a couple of the pictures I took of her playing. She was actually in the goal most of the time, playing keeper, but Lynsey has those pictures on her camera.

Leadership Summit

Ok, so last week was quite the busy week for me. On Wednesday, we had the youth over for a swim party. That was fun. Only the boys and Lynsey got in the pool. The other girls "forgot" their swimsuits. But on Thursday morning, I had to be at the church at 5 am to head to Portland for the Leadership Summit. So Sue grabbed me and we headed to the church. Here are a few of the pictures I took. I love being with my friends, so I mostly took ones of us, but then Pastor Steve wanted a group shot, so I had to take one of those as well.

So here is the group....

Here is the gals and I....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sheena's Wedding

Here are just a sampling of the pictures that I took while in Grants Pass at the lovely Sheena Fenner and Jerry Lawrence wedding.

Cute little Kate...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa

Last night after VBS we got to have cake and ice cream (it was an icecream cake) at Mom and Dad's for Daddy's birthday. His birthday was thursday, the family and I headed out there for a brief visit to give him his presents, but Mom wasn't there, so we did it last night. Poor Daddy, he gets so tired, but it was fun to have a little celebration.

Happy Birthday Papa, here's to year 68!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Been a busy week....

Vacation Bible School has been going on this week. I in my infinite stupidity, just kidding, wisdom picked the preschool to be with. I actually love it, they wear me out!!! But it is so FUN! We are dressed as Bible times people, I am from the Tribe of Gad, of the twelve tribes of Judah. We are a tribe that always fought off the enemies. Now do you think my preschoolers understand that??? No, your right. It has been cool though, all the volunteers creating a Marketplace for the kids to visit. Weaving, bakery, jewelry, instruments, carpentry, candy making, basket making, herbs and spices are the eight "stores" the children visit and do an activity. We also have Synagogue school (for boys only) but the girls get let in, and Village playground. The village playground isn't really time oriented, ie water balloons yesterday. I think that the people of Jesus' time cherished their water a little more than we do and didn't have balloons to put them in! It is fun needless to say.

The Surgery Center is up to no good. They are making negotiations with the Hospital to let the Hospital buy us. We aren't really excited about it, we will see what transpires.

Today we entered a bunch of pictures Lynsey took into the fair. That is pretty fun, she did a really great job last time she entered, so we are expecting success again.

Tomorrow we will head down south for the wedding of our friend, Sheena. Get to see her family as well as Mark and Christy will be there from Texas.
So excited for that. Anyway, that is a little catching up.

Treva is holding her own. Keep her in your prayers.