Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday night

This is my beautiful family.
Luke, his lovely wife Tonya, and their sweet, sweet 8 week old little girl...Isabella Grace!
Sweet Uncle Andy, make that great Uncle Andy.
Luke is special to my dad. Luke's dad was my daddy's little brother. We lost him in 1991 to Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the liver. He had 4 wonderful boys and Lucas has always, always visited my dad. Luke was very young when his father died and my dad felt a little bit of responsibility to these boys. Luke always reciprocated. This sweet new addition to the family is really a treasure. Uncle Jake would have been so proud.

I used to spend my summers with Aunt Sue, Uncle Jake and the boys. I thought I was so cool, because I was older than them, so I could tell them what to do. Boy, they sure put up with me being pretty nasty to them.
We went to Colorado the summer I was 15. I was learning to drive, but really hadn't driven that much. Aunt Sue wanted to change that. She made sure that I got some driving time in. Then after we got to Colorado, she taught me how to drive a stick shift. Or should I say, she tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift. The boys HATED it when I would get behind the wheel, because, well, I stunk at driving the stick. But, my sweet Aunt persevered with me. I had a great summer in Colorado. I had a great time with the family.

Tonya, I hadn't got to meet yet. She is absolutely lovely. She not only is physically attractive, but she has a great, great personality. I love her already. She makes a great addition to our family. Thank you Luke for picking her!!!

Of course, what can I say about this sweet little thing?
Well, great Aunt Sandi was a baby hog!! Big time! But that sweet baby was so good. They were with us for a couple of hours last night, after driving down from Washington. She was so good. You were have thought she knew us for a great long time.
Jeff and I took the girls to different places last night after everyone left and he and I went to see the movie Changeling, with Angelina Jolie and John Malcovich. I really liked the movie. The trailer for it, didn't do it justice. It was great, I am glad that we went.
On a little side note, I ask you mothers to pray for me. I am having some issues with my sweet teenager and it is oh so very difficult. Please ask God to help me say and do the necessary things I need to do, to be accountable to HIM, and keep my daughter safe. Thank you.

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