Monday, July 28, 2008

some pictures...

The most beautiful bald bride, you will ever see. She did great!!!! This is her brother Scott, on the far right, his wife is on his right with the bright pink shirt on, Corinna. There children are Scotty, far left and Shelby, the pregnant one, with Shelby's husband Kyle. And Gramma Gail in the front of Corinna.
This is Taylor on the left, Kelly Gay's youngest, and Dawson on the right, Treva's youngest. He was the ring bearer.
The Mom's....

This is Christopher, on the left, Connor in the middle and their Dad Chris.
These are the two oldest of Treva's boys. Connor lives at the Farm with Treva, and Christopher lives in the Portland area with his girlfriend, Tiffany. (not Pictured)

This is Kelly Gay....she is the beautiful maid of honor.

She was great in helping Treva get ready for all the festivities. It was a great celebration. One I believe Treva will be proud of ...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Dalles

Mom and I drove to The Dalles last night. We had a great drive, we listened to this cd from a guy in Washington, that died and saw Jesus and now he is telling his story. Dean Braxton, pretty interesting.

Anyway, we are at Hoffman Hills, the beautiful lavender farm owned by Treva. When we arrived last night they were having a family/friend gathering with guitars and singing. Treva was in the middle, surrounded by those she loves. They were singing hymns and camp songs and they even did a little Christmas. When Treva saw me, she called me to her, for a big hug and kiss. She is now on oxygen, she looks good. She is slow to move around and obviously bald head, but the funny thing is, she is still BEAUTIFUL! She is meeting with the hospice nurse as I write. Her family is all here, and she has decided to have a wedding. Yes, a wedding. She would like to renew her vows with her husband. On this beautiful farm, we are to have a wedding. So that is our goal today, to prepare for tomorrow's ceremony. Obviously, I will post pictures. Here's to Treva's celebration.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

with a ...

...heavy heart I write my post. Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call from Treva, that her doctors at OHSU would like to discontinue all treatment and place her on Hospice. Her liver is now fully engulfed in tumor, she is having trouble keeping things down, she is having pain, she is weak and her body is getting tired. Please pray for our Treva, she knows Jesus, so it will be a celebration for her to join him, but a huge sorrow for us left behind. God can still do miracles. I know He can.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Strike Out Breast Cancer

Well, we had our first annual Treva Hoffman Foundation, Strike Out Breast Cancer bowling event at TenDown Bowling Center last night. We had a good turnout. We had about 100 people, we would have liked more, but it was a great way to kick off our foundation. The picture below is our raffle table. That was a big hit, there were several things to bid on... a wine basket, a tan certificate, a boy basket with a football, tshirt and sweatshirt, a huge bottle of wine, a Pretty in Pink Breast Cancer basket, a gift certificate to ORegon Tool, plus some others I can't think of... We had bowling...we filled about 10 lanes, there were 4-5 people on each lane. There were call outs for fun giveaways, like sandwhiches from subway, Big Town Hero, Sizzler, Rite Aid, Manicures, T-shirts, hats, car washes. IT was fun. Everybody was a winner.
This is the food table, a prime rib in a special sauce, with some noodles, veggies, potatoes, fruit, rolls, dessert. WOW!!
We had a huge silent auction....a wedding dress from Memory Makers, a wedding cake from a private baker, bowling ball, shoes and bag, Sweet Liberty basket, ladies pampering basket, Fishing rod, Guided fishing trip, plus other things. IT was amazing. People were so generous. One couple decided right then to auction off up to 5 nights in their vacation home in Bend to the highest bidder!! That was fun, because I had never done a live auction, so it was a little goofy, but we got it done anyway.
There was dancing....Dad and daughter here, in their "expect miracles" shirts.
We had a blast. We got to talk to Treva on the phone and she was on speaker through the microphone to talk to the crowd. It was great. Hopefully, it will just keep getting bigger and better.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, so that interview I wrote about on Monday. It is now available for viewing on When you get there, you click on the tab that says "spotlight on D.C.". Once you click on that, you will see me. I know it isn't the best look for me, remember the camera adds 10 lbs!! I wish that were the whole truth *wink*. Anyway, check it out, there is some good information in the interview.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This morning, I had the opportunity to do something I have never done before. I did an interview on our local news channel for the Hoffman Foundation. Our first event is this Saturday, "Strike Out Breast Cancer" at the TenDown Bowling Center. I did the interview as part of the KPIC sponsorship of the event. I had never been in a television studio before, nor interviewed by a television personality. It was kinda fun. It should air on KPIC on Wednesday then be available for viewing on on DC. I hope that I did a good job. Chels was outside the studio, she said I looked good. I guess that is what really counts!! *smile*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

there and back...

Well, today started at midnight thirty at the church. We met the youth who were attending the Int'l Youth Convention, some of them were riding with us, some were riding in the church van. Well, we didn't count all the bodies very well. We were one seat short. We, being Jeff and I, brought Chelsey with us, since she had been away for two weeks and she wasn't about to spend another night away. Well, Abby and Ellie were riding up as well, because they were going to meet Grandma Karen at the airport. So we made a slight modification. Chelsey and I sat together in the front seat of the suburban. I know, I know, very Illegal!!! But, we made it safe and sound in exactly 3 hours to the Portland Airport, with one stop for "rest".
Not bad really. We dropped them all off, we had Keith, Cody, Amanda, Rue, Lynsey and Lauren~gave our hugs goodbye and off we were. Back to Roseburg. We arrived in town here about 7 am and headed to Shari's. Thought Jeff and I could have a nice Anniversary breakfast together. We had to wake up Little Bit, she was sound asleep. So, after breakfast, Chels and I headed to church. We didn't stay for S.S., we came home to sleep.

This lovely item is from my husband, to celebrate our anniversary. I love fountains and I am so grateful my husband got me one.
It was a nice day.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I am so excited....

My Little Bit gets to come home tomorrow.
It has been a really long two weeks without her.
She is such a positive in our family, it has been tough.

She will come home and sister will prepare to head to San Antonio.
She is so looking forward to her time with the youth group. There
are some real fun ones in the group that is going. The Bentley girls,
the two youngest, the Khang (Harwood) sisters, Jen, Trenton, Brandon,
Scott and Gretchen. It will be fun. They will have a great time.

Today, I did admitting. I love to do this every once in a while.
Just to change things up a little bit. I had the absolute, most
adorable little four year old today. He has Down Syndrome, but
it hasn't slowed him down any. He is so precious. I like to be with
the patients. Talk to them, get them ready for surgery, calm their
fears, make things a little easier for them before they go to surgery.
I love my job. I love to take care of people. It is awesome.

Had a Pinochle game with Ken and Jeff, guess who came from behind?
You guessed it, me! I had a little help on the last deal, the guys really
cheered me on, but it was sure fun!

I helped my girlfriend color her hair, well streak it really. When I went to get Bugg from Jenn today, they had just colored her hair and were working on streaking it. That was fun, Jenn is a blast. She cracks me up. *smile*

Well, that is about all for now. Hopefully I will get some fun pictures from Chelsey and get to put them on the post.

Have a great Friday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I am feeling a little better.
Jeff and I went to see the doctor on thursday, and he adjusted my meds, decreased them actually. Which is a very good thing. I am not quite the zombie I have been for the last month. It was like I had no feeling, I couldn't feel happy, sad, mad, or anything. It was tough, especially with the dealing with Bugg and her bad choices.

Work was crazy hectic for me today. It hasn't been that busy for a while, so to work a long day was exhausting.

I have been begging my Mom to come over and walk with me after she gets off work, was the day she decided to come. It was 93 degrees at 6pm when we went for our walk!! I tell you, she is a funny one.

Got to see some pictures of Candi's camping trip last week, that was pretty fun. It was good to see Little Bit, because I haven't seen her in so long.

Oh, I had a nice treat today. When I came home from work, there was a package on the porch, I won a drawing at one of the Outlet stores in Woodburn when I met Candi to drop off Chelsey. A really nice jacket from Helly Hansen. It is really nice, one of these days, when it isn't 90 degrees outside, I 'll take a pic in it. That was a nice surprise.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, haven't been on for quite some time. I guess this job of being a mom to teenagers isn't all its cracked up to be. They let us down sometimes, make choices that we really don't like, then we have to discipline them and make all of us miserable. Bugg is pretty much grounded for the entire summer. She made a pretty bad choice and got caught. Her little sister is off at the aunt's having some fun and so Bugg is having to be babysat. I thought I was through with that!! ;~< Finding someone to watch your 15 year old every day so that you can go to work is quite the task. She is going to go to the Int'l Youth Convention. I had met my Jesus on one such event, so maybe, just maybe He'll reach her in San Antonio. She heads out next weekend. Little Bit on the other hand is supposed to be getting ready for soccer, dad is at the meeting now, but she is still vaca..... with the Aunt in Washington for another few days. She is having some quality time with the cousins and the friends up there.
I am preparing for a meeting for the Foundation... Treva Hoffman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. We are having our first event in less than 2 weeks. A Bowling event, pretty huge. It's exciting. I hope we can raise some money to fight this awful disease. It is taking far too many women. Well, that is a little update, since it has been so long. Hope all is well with each of you.