Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wednesday the 29th.../Thursday the 30th...

We played at noon against a team from Los Gatos, California. They had a really good pitcher and we fell a little short on the runs. We ended up losing this game.

Peanut up to bat....

She ended up getting hit by pitch, twice in this game.
climbing on the rock island
the lots of people on those rocks...
~M~ and I had decided to go swimming with the girls on Wednesday after the game. We went down the rapids and swam all over with them, but I got drug under by one of the rapids. When I opened my eyes under water, I couldn't see anything but water and I panicked and took a breath of river water. I made it out just fine of course, but needless to say, I had a bit of water I needed to remove from my head and chest. :~(
So, we didn't go with them on Thursday. We went to the river, but not in the river with them. We a bunch of grown up chickens!!

Peanut's leg, post "hit by pitch". The one in the bend has actual stitches from the ball in her leg. The one toward the front of that didn't quite seem so bad. Too bad my camera didn't capture it better.

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