Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tuesday, the 28th of July

Our first game was at 8 am, this was the one time we were all thrilled the game started early. It was supposed to be nearly 100 degrees and we were playing on the turf. So while we were letting the girls warm mom's had a moment...
We thought it was fun!
Peanut running home. I never seem to get her on the way home, so finally I did!

After a bunt, she was running to 1st. Look at that stride! Well, right after I took this shot, the first base girl clothes lined Peanut and she ended up on the turf! I thought she had tripped, but she asked for ibuprofen for her headache, the front from the glove and the back from the turf!
So then I realized, she didn't just trip!!

At bat...the team we played was Snohomish.

She slides so hard she takes out the base, so the umpire has to replace it, each time she slides :~)

After, the game *we won* the girls exchanged "sportsmanship" gifts with the other team. This was our girls and the gifts they had received. We told them they looked like the hot dog on a stick girl from the mall.

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