Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday, the 27th of July

Today we head out of town. We are going to the Western Nationals Softball tournament in Milwaukee, Oregon. I am riding with another mom, her daughter and one other player.
Bugg left yesterday for the Volleyball camp at Southern Oregon, she neglected to bring some money, so I had to run some out to the other mom this morning. We heard from Nana, she had been in a bit of a fender bender on her way to work. A little shaken, but unhurt, thankfully.
We drove up to Portland and we were stuck in traffic just outside of Salem for over an hour. We were to meet the team for "check-in" at 3 o'clock. We got to the meeting place at 15 minutes past 3! A little stressed out and frustrated, but safely there. The girls had already checked in, so the coach needed to check our 3 in. The remainder of the girls headed to the practice field.
M (the other Mom) and I took the girls to the practice field and then headed to our motel to check in. We got back to the fields in time to visit a little and pick up the girls. Our motel room was beautiful, it had a separate bedroom for M and I, and the girls got a king size bed. But, what was really good, was the view. Check it out!!

This was what we got to see out both of our windows. The balcony was deliciously hot, so it wasn't the best play to hang out, but the view.....wonderful!

The girls getting ready to swim. No game the first day. So they went to the pool and the river to play and hang out.

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