Saturday, August 22, 2009


OK, so I messed up on adding the pictures, but nonetheless; we have some fun pictures of our celebration this week. My "sister" Kelly turned 40 on Thursday. That night we went to Anthony's for dinner on the patio. They have a live band and it was a beautiful night to enjoy the patio. Friday night we surprised her and met her at 7 Feathers for a girls night. Her two school chums had stolen her from work early in the day, then took her to lunch, a drive down memory lane and then to a movie. After the movie, they told her they had another stop and got on the freeway. To Canyonville they went. They met up with us, 4 of us at the Hotel. The girls all got fancied up after checking in to our room. Headed down to the grill for some appetizers and then to the "show". Well, some things don't need to be shared!!! Half the girls danced, half the girls gambled, but Fun was had by all. The night didn't close out for us til 2 and 3 am, depending on which girl you were hanging with. Today, we slept in and then went for breakfast, only 4 of us by now. We then headed to the spa for our "spa retreat". Oh my goodness! Two of us had never experienced this before, but, we are now hooked. Two of them stayed and met up with the husbands and the rest of us went home at various times. But, let me tell you, we girls had a good time.

The girls with their groove on!!
Birthday cake on Thursday....

Enjoying a giggle

Kimmy and Candi

Tina and Kelly

Kimmy and Brandi

Candi and Michelle

Shelley, Kelly and Michelle

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