Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bringing her home!

Most of you already know this story, but for fun I had to blog it. We headed up on Saturday to get Peanut. Her plane was to arrive at 6:12pm at the Portland Airport. We tried to busy ourselves with things to do until time to head up north. We arrived slightly early and headed to the "mall" at Cascade Station to waste some time. As time got closer, we headed over to the airport. We checked the arrivals and all things were on schedule. As the time grew closer, Bugg would ask, what time is it? Is it time yet? She was mighty anxious. She was ready to see her sister. The other parents were giggling at Bugg and her excitement and "impatience" for her sister's arrival. She didn't want to wait for her to get off the plane or walk the 13 gates to where we were! She wanted her sister here, NOW!


here she is!!!! she ran and jumped into her sister's arms!!!!

then hugged her daddy.....

the whole gang!!

let's go get your luggage...

wait....let me try out the massage chair!! :~)

look, sis, what I got while we were waiting for you!

We went to Chili's at Clackamas for dinner and we happened to take the lap top in, because we were looking at her pictures. So we took a group picture!
Thankful to be together.

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