Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friday the 31st of July

We drew another early round game, we had lost on Thursday so we were in the losers bracket. If we lost again, we were going home! We played our 8 am game. The girls were hot, Peanut walked the first inning and proceeded to go 3 for 3 with base hits over the short stop every time.
The score finished 18-3. Our next game was at noon. The team we were to play was Snohomish, the team we had beat on Tuesday. We could do this and then play again at 4.
Those girls weren't ready to be beat again. They battled and the score remained close or tied throughout, then in the bottom of the 6th, we had a ball dropped in the outfield and they scored two runs. Then, that girl scored on a throwing error by the infield. We couldn't rattle the bats in the top of the 7th to tie them, so we were going home.

The girls felt a little defeated. Peanut was the last out and she so desperately wanted to win, but her ball flew into the glove of one of the players, no base hit this time. We took them back to the motel and they were eager to go to the river....*one more time*. ~M~ wasn't going to go, but the girls really wanted me to jump off the rock with them. I was game, but I didn't want ~M~ to be the only one packing the room. She said, "go for it". We got all our stuff together and put on our suits and headed to the river. That was the funnest jump I have ever done. Peanut went, then Abbs, then me! It was great. I really liked it. We hustled our buns out of the river and back to the motel to clear out. Only to be stopped on the I-205/I-5 connection for over an hour because of heavy traffic. We were going at a snails pace. The girl entertained themselves by drawing pictures and making signs with the car behind us for nearly 45 minutes. It was fun to hear them giggle and have fun.

We made it home around 8 ish, after leaving the motel at 3 ish, that tells ya what traffic was like!! We headed out to Papa's. It was his 69th Birthday. I don't have any pictures, but Bugg does, so hopefully she will post some. Sis and her hubby were down because of his reunion, so the grand kids were all with him on his birthday, *so were his daughters, but we know who matters the most*. We had some cake and some great family time then headed home.

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