Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I know I am going to be in trouble for this one, but isn't that about where I spend most of my time?
Last night, Peanut had her final choir concert of the year. When the Mixed Choir was on, they had some fun summer songs to sing. The first song, the girls only sang. It was Martina McBride's "this one's for the girls". There was a couple of solos, Peanut had tried out for one, but told me she didn't get it. Then they sang "Surfin' USA, Don't Worry Baby, and Kokomo, with a few additional solos. Not one of which was Peanut. So finally, they get to "the Lion Sleeps tonight". Featuring solos by this girl, my girl, and another girl. The first girl gets up to sing her solo and her voice squeaks, so she runs off stage and hides, then a couple of the other girls followed her off!! Now that hasn't happened before. Mrs. Gaddis, the cool lady that she is, just kept right on going. Then came our little Peanut!!!

She belted out, "In the village, the peaceful village, the Lion sleeps tonight.
In the village, the quiet village,

the Lion sleeps tonight!"
WOW! Was she ever amazing. I was so proud! She finished her lines and her big sister belts out, "whoo hoo!" real loudly. Funny little faces and giggles peer her way, as she says, "what, I wanted to yell for her?".

"I'm a believer" their final number!

Then, when the choir is finished, the awards are handed out by Mrs. Gaddis. The awards are voted on by the students in the choir class themselves. Peanut was awarded the "MOST INSPIRATIONAL" and "the OUTSTANDING MUSICIAN". What a cool thing to receive, especially since it is voted on by the peers. TOO COOL!
So, why am I in trouble you may ask? I seem to not let people who want to know that the girls are doing things that they might want to see. Well, since I didn't know she was having a solo, nor did I remember that she was actually having a concert *ha*, I really didn't tell anyone. Luckily for me, Nana was there! Have a great weekend!

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Dodsons_corner said...

Thats awesome good job peanut!! Proud of you little Chicky!