Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Softball Begins

Peanut decided to try out for ASA Fastpitch softball this year. She has been playing rec softball since she could hold a bat. So tryouts were a long time ago and practices started in December. Today was the first game. A scrimmage against Grants Pass.

Peanut started out in Center Field. She has decided this isn't so bad of a place to play. She is also one of the catcher's. She played Catcher last year on the rec team and did a really nice job.
She used to play Short Stop and Second Base as well, but she joined a team that has all returning players, but two. She being one of the two. She is the fastest one on the team. As mentioned by the coach on various occasions, so she got the job of lead off batter. Her issue is~she hasn't seen balls pitched this fast in her rec years. She had a little bit of nervousness going in to it, she struck out her first two at bats. She got a hit on the third. She made it all the way home, safely.
She played Catcher in innings 7 and 8. She was awesome behind the plate, no balls passed her the first inning she was there. The second inning she was there, it got a little stressful. The pitcher started allowing people on base and the bases got loaded, a new pitcher in and some wild pitches, some runs scored. It was hard to watch because Peanut takes everything so personal, she owns it. You could see the confidence draining from her as the inning went on. She went on to bat, and got a hit and she ran so fast she beat the runner in front of her. (meaning that she made it to first before the other girl made it to second) Anyway, she made it all the way around, with two outs and speed on her side. We ended up losing by a couple of runs, but it was a great first game. Nerves were worked out for all involved. Peanut, on the other hand, would like to not play again. So keep her in your prayers if you will, that God would give her the confidence she needs to continue on. Here are some pictures....
at bat

her time for her hit...

On the bases!! :~)

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