Monday, June 1, 2009

Hanging out at Barlow High School

Saturday and Sunday Peanut played softball at Barlow High School in Gresham, Oregon. It was a late night getting there on Friday because she had a mandatory meeting with the director of the program for her Costa Rica trip. We did get to see pictures and hear lots of information regarding the trip. We are trying to figure out what to do about the camera situation. They told us that the air is so humid, everything feels wet. So, electronics are not recommended to be brought on this trip. We aren't sure what to do about pictures, so then do we just have Mrs. Miller take all the pics or do we buy an inexpensive camera that if is gets too damp it won't kill us? We just aren't quite sure. So, on to the softball. Peanut was accompanied by Mom and Daddy and Nana, sister didn't come this time. It was a little weird not having our family all together, but that is happening quite a bit more now that Bugg is so independent with her license. We arrived around 10:30 to the motel, got ourselves situated and settled for the night. She needed to be at the field at 8:30, which was great! We had to be at the fields last weekend at 6:45 am!! The motel was roughly 20 minutes from the school. We had a beautiful scenic tour to the school and Peanut was geared up to play. The first game, I didn't take any pictures, because I forgot. :~) Scotty, works at Barlow and he came to visit us at the fields. It was a nice treat to visit with him. We won that game and didn't play again til 3pm so we headed back towards a town and found a BiMart. We bought Peanut some sunglasses to wear while in the field. I got some to go over my glasses and Nana bought some. We also got Peanut a pair of slides to wear so she didn't have to wear her cleats everywhere. We then got some lunch and walked around this cute, but expensive, decorator store. Then, headed back to the school.

Peanut's at bat during the second game. She was trying the slap maneuver, because we were so far ahead of this team and they were having a hard time getting outs, that our coach started having all the girls try this.
Between the 3 and 6:30 games, the girls got in some wrestling time. They were having too much fun!

Peanut getting the "Catcher" with water from her water bottle.

OK, so I got you with the water bottle, now I will give you a shoulder massage, as the 2nd basegirl watches.

This was the late game, the pitcher was the fastest girl out there, as the story goes. Peanut's first at bat, she bunted and had an RBI, her second at bat, I think maybe she struck out, I can't remember, the third she got a nice base hit!!

Heading to first
Running round the bases :~)

Her foul tip on Sunday morning. They have found that Peanut is an excellent bunter and that she usually beats the throw to first. I think of the 4 or 5 bunts she hasn't been thrown out, but once. I could be wrong, but that is what I remember.

This is her final at bat. The girls weren't playing real well and they had got behind. The team we were playing wasn't that fabulous. We could have beaten them if our heads were in the game. The bottom of the last inning our bats started working, a little too late. Peanut had struck out at her last at bat and then she got up for this one. I was so anxious, I ended up hiding behind hubs. I heard her hit the ball and about climbed over his shoulders to get around the dugout to see where it went!!
Nicely hit ball up the third base line, a double!! Nicely done. Scored two, but the next batter got out and we were headed home. It was a nice weekend and we had some fun times with the kids and their parents. Looking forward to a break this weekend, then off to another tournament.

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Cheryl said...

Nice job Chels! Looks like another jam packed weekend. Glad to hear you get a break this weekend.