Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just a little walk....

Peanut and I have been alone most of the afternoon. I had picked her up from a girlfriends house around noontime. We cleaned up the house and worked on the laundry, I went with my girlfriend for a walk.
She says to me, "do you think that you will go on a walk with me later?"
"Sure, you know we need to go grocery shopping, too!"
"Ok, Mom"
We organized our list, changed it up a bit and only got 1/6 of our list because we checked the bank account before going. That was really smart thinking :~). After we unloaded the groceries and made a "scrapbook" of Grease, she says,
"ok, Mom, before I don't want to go any more!"
"Ok, oK, I am ready"
We headed out the house and went down Newton Creek Rd. to the end. I was getting a little tired, (old) and said,
"When we get to this speed sign, let's turn around and head home."
"Ok, Mom, I am getting a little tired, too!"
Isn't she sweet? So, we get to the sign, she walks around it and we start heading back home.
Then there was a drip....another drip....and a couple more. Then, there was full fledge RAIN!
We got soaked! We giggled and giggled and giggled some more. It was just too funny! The cars passing us, I am sure, thought we were completely nuts and they had let us out of the "home" for our afternoon walk. When we were just about home, the rain turned into a soft little drizzle.
Our neighbor says to us, "that is quite the way to get a clean shower!!"
So, here are the pics. ENJOY!!

I have a tank top on under my shirt, our hair is literally dripping. Peanut is showing the legs of her pants and they are wet all the way to my hand.
A little closer, can see the wetness a little on her jeans.

The water is dripping right there in the middle off our hair!!
Too much FUN! :~)
Thanks Peanut, let's do it again soon!


Michelle said...

I was coming out of the grocery store when that rain hit. It poured. I can imagine how wet you must of been. It looks like it is heading here now.

Cheryl said...

Too cute. Your pictures remind me of our Tuesday night soccer practice. Such a fun memory for the two of you..nothing is better than laughing a lot with your girls.

p.s. We were there this AM...just had to leave right after service to go do parent group stuff. I saw you from the back :)