Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Grease Lightning!

Peanut is in the musical adapted for school "Grease". She doesn't have one of the main parts, but she is phenomenal nonetheless. Of course, I am not partial whatsoever. Last night was opening night. The place was packed, they were pulling out extra chairs and making room for people. The play was adorable and it was very censored for middle school. I was pleased, yet as a terrible "grease" junkie from way back, bummed that some of my favorite songs were not the same! As a mother, that was ok! *smile* Peanut's best gal pal is in it with her, when I arrived, I saw a few mom's with their bouquets of flowers and I said,

"oh man, I forgot flowers!"

The mother of her pal, says, "that's ok, we brought some for her!"

"You brought C**** some flowers?"

"Yea, I told ya she was like my own!"

What a gal! She had also supplied the cute little black dress that Peanut is wearing as well! Fixed up the straps and everything. I said, "shoot! what am I here for??"

It was kinda funny! So here are some cute pics of the opening night.

"we go"
The prom
Beauty school dropout
Her other "Mom"
Her best gal pal!
I have had such a crazy week. Our charge nurse is out sick right now. He has called me nearly everyday to update me on his condition and let me know that he won't be making it in. Well, this dear sweet little man is 60 and this bug is taking it's tole on him. So, it has been rough. You see, I love (Did I say LOVE) to take care of my patients, that is what I was made for, taking care of patients. But, to be responsible for a bunch of grown people who need direction, DRIVES ME NUTS! I just want everyone to get along and think of their fellow colleague and just be kind.
That doesn't always happen. Actually it happens not nearly at all in my workplace. It is rather frustrating. Anyway, as I got home this evening I was immediately called to help curl Peanut's hair for another night of the play. I then took her to the school and promised her I would come back for her later. Asking her several times if she would be ok without me there tonight. Her answer every time, was "yes!". I came home and was to sit and blog for you, when I signed on, I saw that my two new "friends" had updated their blogs. One is Angie Smith, (wife of the singer for the group "SELAH") the author of Bring the Rain, the other is Melissa Moore, daughter of Beth Moore, one of the greatest Bible study leaders that God brought out of Texas. So the two of them are on a mission trip to Calcutta, India with Compassion International. Well, of course I had to read about today's journey! Wow, does that ever bring my whole life into perspective! I am far more blessed than I ever realize, or can sometimes comprehend. One day, I hope to make a difference in the life of "the least of these." Until then, blessings to you today!

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Mommy Lion said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! I'm sure chels did great!