Friday, August 1, 2008


Been a busy week....

Vacation Bible School has been going on this week. I in my infinite stupidity, just kidding, wisdom picked the preschool to be with. I actually love it, they wear me out!!! But it is so FUN! We are dressed as Bible times people, I am from the Tribe of Gad, of the twelve tribes of Judah. We are a tribe that always fought off the enemies. Now do you think my preschoolers understand that??? No, your right. It has been cool though, all the volunteers creating a Marketplace for the kids to visit. Weaving, bakery, jewelry, instruments, carpentry, candy making, basket making, herbs and spices are the eight "stores" the children visit and do an activity. We also have Synagogue school (for boys only) but the girls get let in, and Village playground. The village playground isn't really time oriented, ie water balloons yesterday. I think that the people of Jesus' time cherished their water a little more than we do and didn't have balloons to put them in! It is fun needless to say.

The Surgery Center is up to no good. They are making negotiations with the Hospital to let the Hospital buy us. We aren't really excited about it, we will see what transpires.

Today we entered a bunch of pictures Lynsey took into the fair. That is pretty fun, she did a really great job last time she entered, so we are expecting success again.

Tomorrow we will head down south for the wedding of our friend, Sheena. Get to see her family as well as Mark and Christy will be there from Texas.
So excited for that. Anyway, that is a little catching up.

Treva is holding her own. Keep her in your prayers.


Cheryl said...

Aubrey loved having you as her teacher...thanks. I admire your patience to take on the preschoolers. I am going to sleep so good tonight!

Helen McCarthy said...

Hi Brandi,
You, too. are a remarkable woman. Treva is always in my prayers. She was an inspiration and support to me and my daughter, Kasey, after she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2006.
I am proud to support the Treva Hoffman Foundation.

I am a proud Mother of a breast cancer survivor,

Helen Benson-McCarthy