Saturday, August 16, 2008


It has been quite the week. I lost my dear big "sister" Treva, only to find Granddad, himself decided to be the one to greet her when she entered Heaven's gates. So for the family, they have two loved ones lost in a matter of only days. I have been praying for them without end.
One of Jeff's family members called, whom at this point will remain nameless, with the news that she, too, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. God has a plan for all of these things, but sometimes, I wonder what that might be. I know that he has bigger and better things in store for each of us, but at times, my heart just yearns for peace.
I got myself a haircut yesterday, that lifted my spirits. Took the girls out to SONIC, 'cause some of us hadn't been. It has been open for a couple of weeks now and both girls had a friend over, so we stopped at SONIC. Lynsey was driving, so that made it all the more interesting. It was fun.
Today, those in the Dalles will say a fond farewell to Treva, with those of us here in Roseburg awaiting next weekend to bid our farewell. We will celebrate the life that she gave us, and all the things she did so well.
May each of you have a blessed day, enjoying each person for who they are, not knowing when the good Lord will decide to take them home.
Here is to Trusting Jesus, even when it hurts.

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