Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I really enjoyed reading about the school shopping that my friends Cheryl and Michelle did this past weekend. I have to say that after registering the girls the last two days, I don't think we have money to buy any clothes with.

Chelsey was registered yesterday. She takes art and choir, so she had to pay $10 each for those classes. She has to have a yearbook, of course, and she gets her pictures taken. It was just over $100 for about 25 minutes of our time. And we didn't get her shots, which she needs, yes, additional shots for middle schoolers.

Today was Bugg's turn. But by the time we finished the hour long wait to get into the building, we spent less than 20 minutes in her registration and spent over $200! I can't believe it! It is just crazy to get these kids to school. So, supplies and clothes, they don't get any!! Just kidding, just not in the near future!! *smile*


Cheryl said...

Geez..I only spent 5 min and $20 to get Alyssa registered. I guess there is quite a difference between second grade and middle/high school!

Mommy Lion said...

WOW?!?! What happened to free public school? I'm still having a hard time with the girls being this old ...