Saturday, August 16, 2008

not the butt of the joke....

Ok, so we know that I am a little nutty, right??? Well, a week ago Wednesday we were having the youth over for a swim party and I wanted to pick up the house a bit. Well, Jeff's shorts were behind the bathroom door, so I grabbed them and put them in the washing machine. Not realizing, of course, that he had been wearing those and had just jumped in the pool to cool off. He came in the house looking for his phone and wallet.....yep, that's right, in the washing machine. So his phone no longer worked and his wallet was severely wet. Yes, it was all my fault. I then became the butt of all the jokes for the following weekend. That weekend where I was in Portland, Jeff was in Corvallis, we had to try to get together, but I couldn't reach him because someone had washed his phone.
I found the phone today in a drawer while doing some cleaning up and put the battery back in it. Fired it up and called myself!! So guess what?? His phone now works. YEAH!!!!! He doesn't know though. He left for the weekend. So will I have a surprise for him. *big smile*

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Mommy Lion said...

YAY! I'm so glad it works again. They are not cheap, and it's really no fun when it's your fault they don't work! Believe me I know about this sort of thing! *wink*