Monday, August 11, 2008


So after leaving the Leadership Summit on Friday evening about 5:30 pm in Beaverton, we headed south on I-5. My family was in Corvallis for a soccer tournament. They had went up on Friday mid morning because Chelsey played at 4 pm. So the goal was to get me to my family, but they needed to meet me at an exit close to I-5, because Pastor Steve wasn't going to take me all the way in to Corvallis. So, we didn't get very far with the traffic in Portland Hwy 26, Hwy 217, to I-5. It was a mad house friday evening. Well, there was no way for me to tell me family how we were doing on the road, because on Wednesday, I washed Jeff's cell phone. Yep, you got it, I washed his phone. It was totally my fault, I take all the blame. Will buy him a new one, no more about that ok......
Well, Lynsey's phone for some reason only chooses to work in certain locations along the roadways and Corvallis isn't one of them. So my family waited for two hours on the roadside for me.

We finally all got together and headed out for dinner. Chelsey's team had lost their 4 pm game and were not scheduled to play again until the next morning. She had organized the team for that game because the coach was delayed. Poor thing. Anyway, here are just a couple of the pictures I took of her playing. She was actually in the goal most of the time, playing keeper, but Lynsey has those pictures on her camera.

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