Thursday, August 28, 2008

as promised

As promised, some pictures of my lovely from todays jamboree in Medford. The girls were great. They played 5 teams, 5 games and won all of them. The first was against N. Medford, they won 25-10. The second was Butte Falls, 25-11. The third was against Grants Pass 25-22. The fourth was against S. Medford the score was 25-16. The final match was against Ashland and the score was 25-17. It was fun. It was merely a preview of the games ahead, but I look forward to some fun Volleyball.


Mommy Lion said...

WOW! Sounds like it will be a great year ahead! I'm surprised the Grants Pass was the closest score. Is she Varsity this year?!? It just can't be that she is growing up so fast! *frown* I think she needs to go to college down here! There's some great schools in driving distance from our house! Our room and board is way cheap = a few babysitting jobs! *wink*

Brandi said...

She is JV again. But that is a good thing. I told her she needs to go to college in your area. She grinned and giggled.
Happy birthday to your boy real soon.