Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another soccer weekend...

We headed up to Oregon City yesterday mid morning. It was the girls and our friends E and KC.
We headed right to the fields, the drive there was effortless, traffic wasn't too bad. Once we arrived at the field, there was no one there. Just our team and not all of them. So one of the parents heads around the block to see if there is something close by that looks more like a soccer field, with people on the field. He found it a couple of blocks down the road. It was still part of the school, but as far away as they could make it. We dropped the girls off and headed to get some gas, because my tank was on "E" for the last couple miles. (don't tell my dad, that makes him crazy!) The girls were fired up and playing well. I left my camera in the car! It was awesome, they had some moments of kicking the ball in a direction that really wasn't conducive to getting a goal, but it was fun anyway.
We left the field and headed for some food. We conveniently were located next to the outlet mall in Woodburn to spend the night. But, thankfully for the pocketbook, we got there a little later in the evening and we didn't have that much TIME to spend there. :~)
We got up early and headed out for McMinneville. We looked like we were headed somewhere entirely in the outback, but we arrived, safe and sound and on time. But, we desperately needed some coffee, so we headed through downtown to get some brew. Back to the fields we went.
Here the girls are putting pressure on the goal, they didn't get in on this shot.
Peanut and her new "goalie gloves". I told her yesterday that she looked like Minnie Mouse. She had tried to give me the "thumbs up" sign and wasn't really able to do so!! :~). It was funny.

Kicking it out....

The spectators.....

Dana was cold, so we layered her up.

the girls were on the move....

KC and Peanut

fun times at Corvallis for lunch!! :~)
It was a great weekend.

We won today 3-0! It was great. The only negative, was one of our girls got hit by the ball and had to come off the field. Two of us parents are nurses, one is a paramedic and the rest are well, parents with experience. So we all were able to handle her with ease. They took her too the doctor and they think it is a bad sprain, they don't think it is broken. We told her, it's OK, it is her wrist and she can still play with a broken wrist ~smile~. She did say "thanks" later :~).

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