Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought I would share about our day yesterday. My work day was short, Peanut was back in school. I did some grocery shopping after work and waited for Hubs to get home. I am teaching myself how to play the piano, so I did that for a little while as well. But, anyway on to story telling.

We (Peanut, Hubs and I) loaded up the 'burban and headed to the volleyball match in Ashland.
We had to stop for gas, then at the High School and move Bugg's car from the motel, (where she parks everyday) to the high school parking lot. Then finally got moving down I-5. I have been without the air conditioner for a few weeks now, not that it has been record temps thankfully, but I was thinking to myself. "Hubs will get to see what it is like without any cool air". Because, even if you have it on cold, only warm air flows. Well, we get just south of Winston and start heading up the mountain and Hubs decides to turn on the a/c. I didn't say anything, just smile under my breath. Well, guess what. COLD AIR is coming out of the vent! I said, "did you turn on the a/c?" A grin from the Hubs. I got mad. Yes, mad. I said, "I have driven this thing around for weeks without any cold air. The minute you get in here and put your finger on the button it works. What is up with that?" He just grins some more. "Do you have a magic finger?" Just more smiling. OK, well, I am mad now. I want you to know I am mad. Hubs says, "I can't get the cruise control to work". I said, "well, you are lucky you have a/c, so don't be wishing for something else!" The air was so cool that I put on my jacket before we got to the game!

Bugg warmed up with the varsity girls. Introduced with them. She didn't go in, until the 3rd game. She didn't get any blocks, sets, hits, or kills. She did get to serve and she had a defensive play, but that was about all. They lost that game, but won the other 3. They have a tournament this Saturday at home, all day.

On the way home, the a/c wasn't on, but the fan was on cool mode. Cold Air and I had to put Hubs and my jacket on!!! :~( Crazy huh? We will see when and if it works again.

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