Monday, September 14, 2009

Over the weekend

So I am trying to remember what happened on Friday night. I am sure that whatever it was, it was surely fun!! :~)
Saturday Morning Chairman and I headed for the "Ramble for Recovery" walk and health fair. Our Foundation was invited to make an appearance and we gladly accepted. We talked to some fun people (and some funny people). We had a good time together and made some great connections.

After I left the park, I headed to the High School. Bugg was having an invite with 16 teams. They had done well while I was not there and when I arrived the team continued to play well
Bugg played some and when she did, she played great. I am so proud of her.
The team ended up winning the championship.

After we came home I made a bunch of phone calls to remind my peoples about their duties for our Church wide Kick off event at Stewart Park.

On Sunday, I headed to the Park for our "30 Days to Live" kick off event. The setting was beautiful. The music was already playing and the atmosphere was great. We welcomed people, regulars, visitors, new children. It was great. I love greeting people. Seeing people smile and enjoy the start of their day is a blessing. The services were great, our pastor rode in on a motorcycle! It went from there. We had a HUGE picnic that everyone was invited for. They had games for the kids and good fellowshipping for the adults. A great time had by all.

Bugg and I headed out to the store for a last minute "outfit" for her pictures for today. We heard from Peanut, they were playing soccer at Eagle Crest. Her team had tied 2-2. She went with some friends on the team.

In the interim, I had heard that my Daddy wasn't feeling too well and I told Mom to take him to the Urgent Care. A few hours later and home from the Emergency Dept at St. Charles in Bend, he was feeling better. Drugged, but better.

Today I spoke with Daddy and he is still having some pain, but the meds are helping and he is on REST duty for now. Good, he needs that.

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