Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Volleyball Wednesday

Bugg's team had a game against Douglas tonight. It was for fun, non league. The first picture is a baby I found there and stole from the mother. Peanut is holding him. His name is Eli.

The next pictures are of course of Bugg.....
Bugg during the second game. She got to play middle. During the 3rd game she was playing right side. She had some nice serves and she had this awesome Kill in this game pictured above.

Bugg warming up before the games. If you look right at the back of her head, that is her boy, Dribbler watching the warm up. Thought that was funny that I got them both!!
OK, so the baby. He is the son of a gal whose sister played on the California team with Bugg.
He was born 6 weeks ago. At the Jamboree/tourney thing he hung out with me in the hot gym. They tease me that I can find a baby anywhere!! :~)

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Cheryl said...

You do find babies to love on almost everywhere :)

Great action shots.