Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Week

This week has been busy. On Friday, we were preparing for the Strike Out Breast Cancer event. Bugg was out and about with her friend. Peanut was at the football game, after her soccer practice. So between running her those places, I was helping the girls get ready for the event. On Saturday, our day was full with the Event and preparations. Bugg was with the youth group paint balling and Peanut was helping with Special Olympics. The rest of the day was spent at Ten Down. The event was beautiful as you could see from the pictures. I believe it was a success because of what information was given. We may not have had all the volume of people but, I believe we have made a difference by who is now informed. On Sunday we spoke with a couple of doctors at the Community Cancer Center and the Director of the CCC as well. We had some great conversations and super support. We are moving in the right direction. I actually had a patient today mention that she wished she could be participating in tumor banking! Anyway, Monday the girls both had activities, Tuesday the girls were sports minded. Peanut was attending the game at her school and hanging out with friends. Bugg was playing volleyball in Marshfield. I got Bugg's car from the Dunes and brought it back in to the High School, picked up Nana and headed to Marshfield. Bugg played in both JV games and did a fantastic job. She didn't play in varsity, but the last two points of the match. We drove home and dropped Nana off, dropped off Bugg, picked up Peanut and headed home. Today, the girls had early release from school. I worked a little later and then they were running errands. Peanut has practice, I have a small group to lead and Bugg is going to be the Chauffeur. Tomorrow is more Volleyball. We will see how things go from there. Heard from Hubs today, he says no animal yet, but it is hot over there in Eastern Oregon. Hopefully when he comes home, he will come home with meat.

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