Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just a couple things from this week

I wish I had a photo shop element so that I could fix this picture, but the reason for it is Hubs beard, not me. So, please look at his beard. He returned home from his hunting expedition on Sunday evening. He had a great time, no meat, but a great time. He is ready to do it again. Not really looking forward to heading back to work. He took Monday off so he could regroup and I was getting ready for work, so we took this picture, before he shaved. Oh well, now I look different without my glasses rather than with my glasses.

Tuesday night, Bugg played during the JV game against South Medford.

Then, she got to play game 3 of the varsity game as well.

Heading up for a block, I am always delayed on my camera, maybe one of these days I will do better. :~)

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