Thursday, July 2, 2009

Split again

This weekend will be another first for our family. Peanut has a tourney in Milwaukie. Hubs has to work this weekend. Bugg wants to be with her "friend". I get to be off, they decided to close our facility in honor of the "4th". So I get to be with Peanut. She has a game at noon. Nana and Papa are going to come, but they both have to work, so they will come later. Peanut and I get to ride up with another girl's family from the team. My sister and her little girly are meeting us at the game. It should be fun for those of us that are there. But, the part about the first for our family is that Hubs and I haven't spent a 4th apart in the last 20 years. It seems kind of strange that we won't be together.

Peanut and I just got out of the pool. It was very refreshing. I am driving the burban and it still doesn't have air conditioning, so when I got off at nearly 5 and headed to pick up Peanut from practice, it was a little warm in the rig. I think it is hitting 90 degrees today. WOWzers! So the pool definitely felt good.

Well, enough from me. I wish each of you a delightful weekend. I hope you celebrate together as a family and safely! We will talk to you next week!!


Lynsey said...

thats not the only reason im staying home!
you make me feel like a horrible person for not going!


Mommy Lion said...

Hope you guys had a great time; even apart! I finally had some time to sit at the computer for an extended amount of time to check out blogs and post one myself! *smile*