Friday, July 17, 2009


I just realized I didn't post anything about Graffitti weekend. I can't believe it! Anyway, Jeff and I headed downtown, just the two of us. The girls were out with friends, going to arrive whenever they wanted to. So while we walked the streets, I took some pictures of my favorites.

This is just a cool old car.
love the color of this one...

Thought this one was really fun.

This had some nice painting.

Lookin' good, reminds me of GREASE! :~)

The paint colors...
The first older purple one I fell in love with.
cool colors...
Another one with cool paint job.

Love it!
a purple pickup!

Really nice car!
lil' pink's license plate said something like "lil pig"

Peanut and Cowgirl in one of their old cars cruisin the strip....

Second time around, cowgirl's brother and girlfriend are in the front.
Jeff and I decided to go after this, we had been there a couple of hours and he was done watching the cars. I could watch people and the cars for quite a while and not get bored, but you know. :)

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