Friday, July 17, 2009

Pool Play

Last night, I missed going to the gym because of timing issues with Hubs, so I picked Peanut up from practice and brought her home. It was a hot evening and her dad and Uncle Ken were going swimming, so she went as well. Bugg is fighting a cold, who would have thunk after all those antibiotics that she would get a cold, but she has one, nonetheless. I couldn't swim because I have stitches, from just a little minor thing, no big deal. Here are some pics of the boys and Peanut.
Playing Silent Marco Polo....Hubs eyes are closed and he is going for Ken!
Peanut got away again!

Ken....counting underwater!

Taking a swim break...
"hiding" from Kenny....
They have a great time in the pool. Wish we used it more.


Cheryl said...

Anything to keep cool...looks like a great pool.

Mommy Lion said...

Sounds like you guys are having some of our weather! Little Lion was asking who Ken was, the he said is that Uncle Jeff. . . "He looks older than the last time I saw him". YOU GUYS NEED TO COME VISIT!!!! *wink*