Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Pics from our trip...

Obviously we made it home. We spent a few days in Eureka with the Luiz side of the family. It was like a family reunion. There were so many family members, ones which I hadn't even met before. We had received word before our arrival that Grandpa Joe has lung cancer and they have only given him a few weeks to a few months. So our time there was cherished. Peanut and I got a cold, we think from the airplane, so we were careful to not get too close to Grandpa. We made it back on Saturday and the burban gave out on Sunday. The water pump went out. So Hubs decided to fix it himself. Thank goodness. We will wait a while to get the air conditioner fixed. It just isn't a good time to spend more money. :~). I will try to post the slide shows here on this post, but if I have trouble then it might be over a couple. Enjoy!

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