Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just some babble...

So, we have been gone for most of the summer weekends. It is our life right now. It is busy, but it is fun. I am such a social person, I really enjoy the camaraderie with the other family's when we are traveling. My parents and my sister try to come as often as aloud and that makes it enjoyable as well. Last weekend was the 4th of July weekend. We were going to be split up for the first time in our 20 years together. Peanut and I headed to Portland, Milwaukee, for the State softball tournament. We rode up with some friends from the team. Reggie, plays with Peanut and her little sister is adorable and her parents are a lot of fun, so the trip up was great.
We played at noon and won the game. It was Friday and my sister and Carley met us there. There was some confusion as to where we were playing so it was a little bit of an adventure, but fun nonetheless. We weren't to play now until Saturday morning. One of the other moms birthday was Friday, so Sis and I, Peanut, Carley and Meg and Abby all headed out to the "Spaghetti Factory" for a Birthday dinner. Then we headed to the mall, we spent a very long time in Barnes and Noble!! Then we lost interest it was getting late and we all had been up since early morning. Back to the motel, to the hot tub!
Saturday was a long day. We started out by losing our first game, so we had to play back to back to stay in the tourney. The girls were doing well. They had some fun times and it was hot. Peanut pulled a muscle in her thigh in one of the many games that afternoon, she wouldn't come out of the game or give up on playing. She was determined, so she would wear ice packs when they were batting, tape and wrap on her thigh, under her sliding shorts, work through it when she was running the bases. We ended up losing about 7 something that evening. We headed back to the motel for the girls to change and headed to Chili's~Peanut's favorite place to eat. Nana and Papa had made it up on Friday night late, so they were with us on Saturday. We spent the night and took our time heading home on Sunday. We were so exhausted Saturday, we had the motel curtains open to watch the fireworks and we fell asleep watching them!
Here are some pics....

Peanut, with her shades on~this was a brand new field~~turf!
Me and Carley~

Bunting~this is her specialty, because she runs so fast!~

go girl!
on first~
go Peanut!
This week has been a little busy. Work is crazy, some people don't really want to be there, but they don't want anyone else to be there either! Weird, but anyway. The girls are enjoying being the social girls that they are. It is graffiti weekend, Bugg is babysitting, then going to catch up with her boy. Peanut is heading to her friend Cailey's. They are going to party up at the house, then ride in one of the cars during the cruise tonight. It is fun. I am excited for them to be doing so much. It is just weird to not be doing it with them. New phases of life. I love being a mom, each phase is a new adventure. Where is it going to take us this time?

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