Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Pool Play...

After soccer practice tonight, yes, I did say soccer. She has started another sport! She brought home one of her friends*our friend* KC. We love her. Anyway, perfect day for pool play with the girls. They have a blast together and with each other. No drama, no heartache, just good times!


Peanut with her *two* life jackets

head butt

Fun times....

Gotcha...the view of them from the hammock

My view from the hammock!

Peanut and her one life jacket

While they were swimming, I was doing my toes :~)

1 comment:

Mommy Lion said...

What's up with the lifejackets?!?!
I can't believe it's double sports again so soon! Hope the game went well tonight . . . it was great chatting with Bugg!